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Hop into the CommanderCast time machine and leap back to Season Two! We were still in the digital equivalent of a hovel. The staff was burgeoning. We were just doin’ our thug thizzle. Me and Carlos recorded a podcast one night when it seemed nobody else could make the recording. While we later did record a podcast that covered many of the same subjects, this is an interesting novelty of an episode that I found sitting on my hard drive and I figure there’s no reason not to use it for SOMETHING.

Towards that end, I’ve edited it and posted it like all our other shows, complete with show notes. I will say this is not a normal show, having only myself and Carlos talking about subjects you have heard discussed across several episodes that have been posted since we recorded this. But for the hardcore CommanderCast enthusiasts out there this will at least give you something extra to listen to.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 02:34: Intro: Introduction to the show. Sounds kinda awkward by modern standards.


02:49 to 19:50: In Defense of Blue: Blue is commonly regarded as the ‘boogeyman’ of the Commander community. It’s dominant nature, combined with a reputation for creating non-interactive game states, facilitating combos and locks, and doing little other than propogating misery at EDH tables everywhere. But is this reputation deserved? What function does blue perform in a healthy EDH metagame?


20:07 to 38:10: Trump Cards: Every colour has cards that are backbreaking, game-ending haymakers that upon resolution often win the game for the caster. Insurrection, Storm Herd, Rite of Replication… the list goes on, but the cards are generally well-known to be powerful endgame threats. How do you play these cards properly, and how do you deal with them being played against you? Are they truly the ‘trump cards’ their reputation indicates?


38:25 to 58:20: Bad Cards We Love: We all love some cards that are, by any objective metric, garbage. In this segment, we take a look at those cards that have a place near our hearts, regardless of the perils that affection may cause us.

Carlos’ Picks:

Andy’s Picks:


58:35 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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