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This week me, Byron, Donovan and Scotty from the Eh Team are talking about things that are laid out in the show notes. This was recorded like two weeks ago, so if anything sounds kind of dated, well… life goes on. This week Scotty and I are speaking at length about a format we have been experimenting with locally called “Respawn Magic”; we’ll tell you how to play it, and then tell you how to manipulate the rules and beat your friends until they hate it.

This week also sees the return of the Retro Cycle Review with a SUPER cycle review of all the Time Spiral Magi. There’s also some other reasonably sweet stuff flying around at various points on this track.

Show notes and links available below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 03:54: Intro: It’s a show and we are on it.


04:04 to 17:30: Free-For-All Roundtable: Commander, Other Formats, and Monies: A wise man said: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money, dolla dolla bill y’all”. As we see card prices rising, old staples becoming scarce, and a new format entering the mix, what’s going on with Commander and other formats money-wise? What are the influences? Can we make it profitable?

17:40 to 32:35: Alt. Format: Respawn: An unholy combination of an FPS deathmatch and Commander, Respawn is a rules template that is interesting, but a bit troublesome when placed over Commander. Join us as we discuss rules, implementation, and the ups and down of Respawn Commander.


33:09 to 46:16: Alt. Format Strategy: Respawn: Ok, we know what Respawn is… HOW DO WE WIN!? Respawn causes a huge shift in what kind of decks work, and which don’t; even within Respawn’s shell of rules, scoring system and the actual respawns have a huge influence on what does and doesn’t work.

46:30 to 1:01:03: False Idols: “Everyone Drawing Cards Is Bad”: Yo, I read on a column that card advantage is everything and if your opponents are drawing cards, you might lose! After that they were talking about this totally cutting-edge “Sabre Bargain” deck… amazing!

Is this old wisdom still true, or do we have enough cards now to make letting your opponents all draw a strategic boon? What about the political factors? Is the commonly-echoed, oft-not-understood traditional wisdom on point still?

TECHNOLOGY1:01:15 to 1:19:36: Super Retro Cycle Review: Time Spiral Block Magi: In a huge return for the Retro Cycle Review, we’re not looking at an individual cycle, but rather a super cycle; all fifteen Magi from Time Spiral. They’re interesting cards that took iconic concepts from prior Magic cards and put them onto creatures. How do these fare in Commander? Since we’re evaluating three cards at once here, we’re ranking the cycle Magi by colour; as a bonus, we’re each giving our favourite Magus.

Justin’s Order:
White, Red, Blue, Black, Green
Andy’s Order:
White, Blue, Red, Black, Green
Scotty’s Order:
White, Red, Blue, Black, Green
Byrons’ Order:
Red, Blue, White, Black, Green
1:19:49 to closing: Outtro.
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