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Off the hop: this is late. There was a technical issue with a program I use to send files to Donovan, the prooflistener, and some other stuff. Then, tonight when I wanted to post it, there was a power outage. But the podcast is here, and it’s a bit of a doozy, clocking in at almost two hours with some other important stuff in this post. CommanderCast’s personnel have been busy. I’ve paired today’s podcast with the mid-week update, so when you’re done checking out the podcast, don’t forget to read the article by Brionne!

In today’s late podcast, we’ve used the spare time prior to this posting to spend more time straight-up GRINDING with the new Commander product! Between release parties, pick-up games, and even online play, we’re here to provide a reasonably comprehensive look at there five new beasts as they’re released into the wild. On top of that, we’ve gotten feedback from out listeners who are contributing their thoughts on the new stuff to the podcast.

This week the staff consists of myself, Carlos, Justin, and lastly we’re joined by newcomer Brionne. In case you are not familiar with this name, it was the woman whose name I ever-so-gracefully gender-bent in the Season 2 Circle of Judgement, apologized to, and subsequently discovered the blog of. I was short on personnel to contribute to this podcast and she jumped in to help.

For this super-focused podcast, each podcaster is tethered to a specific deck for review purposes. Assignments are as followed:

  • ANDY is reviewing Heavenly Inferno
  • CARLOS is reviewing Devour for Power
  • JUSTIN is reviewing Mirror Mastery
  • BRIONNE is reviewing Counterpunch

The five of us pooled our experience to talk about Political Puppets.

As a few quick reminders before you start listening to the show:

  • Enter the Season 3 Contest!
  • The Mid-Week Update’s structure has changed to Wednesday, with the Friday Flashback now being posted on Fridays. This means on Wednesday you can expect to see an article occasionally accompanied by some other goodies, and on Friday we’ll be posting an article, the links to our affiliates and a video from CMDRDecks. This is kind of a big leap, so I hope it works out.
Show notes and links below. Enjoy!



00:00 to 07:38: Intro: Introducing the podcast, your hosts, and a brief rundown of podcast news for the week.


07:45 to 20:35: Free-For-All Roundtable: Banned List Update:We celebrate the much-called-for unban of Worldgorger Dragon and discuss potential implications.

20:47 to 55:57: Deck Reviews: This will be a catch-all segment where we discuss the new Commander preconstructed decks, looking at them from a few angles. We’re also talking about our experiences at the release events, local groups, and the impact these have had. Each deck is discussed individually. This is only a single weekend of play, mind you, so keep in mind these are early impressions.


56:08 to 1:13:44: The Political Cards: Many of Commander’s cards had a slant towards a ‘political’ angle, with the Vow and Join Forces cycles. Cards that affect the politics of the table, reward opponents while taking options from them, and leveraging the resources of the other players to your advantage. How do we like these? What level of effectiveness are we seeing? How do they influence strategy?


1:13:53 to 1:29:53: Flops: Not everything can be rainbows and lollipops. We take a brief detour into Hater Country to discuss our biggest disappointments with the new decks, the worst cards from the precons, and stuff that will never see use in one of your post-precon decks.

1:30:05 to 1:51:33: Staying Power: Conversely to the Flops, we’re looking at our favourite Commanders and non-Legendary cards alike. Wat cards do we think are fun, powerful, and likely to have a big splash in the future of the format? Which archetypes benefited the most? What kind of decks benefit big time here from an arsenal of new cards?

1:51:42 to closing: Outtro.
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