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CommanderCast is back to running on schedule! The season’s fifth podcast begins a series where we’re putting mono-coloured decks in Commander under some scrutiny, with a strategy and technology segment centered on whatever colour we’ve chosen to discuss. Each week, we’ll also have a new guest with some experience and thoughts on that colour. This week, we’re doing the best installment in the series: MONO-RED.

Of course, that’s not all. My man Devon, aka Obsidiandice, aka 4th Place in Great Designer Search 2 has a variety of topics to hold us down with, including a look at card design and multiplayer (EDH in particular), as well as the 2-mana installment of Curving Out. Carlos is also on deck backing me up as we continue to explore various facets of Commander on this audioscape adventure.

Also of importance: this is the last week for you to put in entries to the SEASON 3 CONTEST, and subsequently win a top-tier card alteration from Dave Lee aka Derfington of Durdling Around. But that’s not all… I’ve got two Stoneforge Mystics sitting here, donated incredibly generously by my man and CommanderCast diehard supporter Manny for runner-up prizes. Get them alterations in! E-mail CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject header “Season 3 Contest Entry” for a chance to win.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 05:07: Intro: Introducing the podcast, your hosts, and a brief rundown of podcast news for the week.


05:15 to 21:11: Card Design and Commander: Devon shares his thoughts on card design as it pertains to EDH, looking at what makes a card a success in Commander, a failure, stumbling blocks in design, and an overall look at the new product.

21:23 to 34:10: Too Mean for Commander:Have you ever won a game and felt like you needed to take a shower after? During deck construction, do you ever sit there staring at a few cards, having a flashback to tables flanked by slumping, silent, salty players? Maybe your deck is a bit too mean for a social game. In this segment, we examine how to diagnose something as antisocial, how to walk the line between powerful and mean, and some personal anecdotes about the topic.


34:22 to 55:35: Mono-Red: We’re taking a good, hard look at mono-red strategies. What is red good and bad at? Why bother with a mono-red deck at all? How can you shore up the weaknesses, or play to the strengths? What roles does a mono-red deck assume in the natural ecology of a healthy metagame?


55:47 to 1:12:34: Mono-Red Technology: Following up the mono-red strategy, we’re putting some solid mono-red cards in the scope for your pleasure.

Andy’s Picks:
Ruination, Hellkite Igniter, Steel Hellkite 
Devon’s Picks:
Aftershock, Knollspine Dragon, Hoarding Dragon
Carlos’ Picks:
Spinerock Knoll, Goblin Marshal, Ichor Wellspring

1:12:47 to 1:27:24: Curving Out: CMC 2: Continuing up the mana curve, we find ourselves needing some two-mana favourites. Like the one-drops, these two-mana spells need to be pretty strong to be bothered with in EDH… but we’ve got some solid suggestions here.

Andy’s Picks:
Artificer’s Intuition, Reassembling Skeleton, Back to Nature
Devon’s Picks:
Spreading Seas, Knight of the White Orchard, Steely Resolve
Carlos’ Picks:

Sylvan Library, Stoneforge Mystic, Hatching Plans

1:27:34 to closing: Outtro.

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