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An exciting week here at CommanderCast! Season 3 contest winners selected? Check. The end of the monocoloured madness? Check. Rules committee R&A, part two? YOU SEE IT! Brace yourself for this episode because it’s totally sweet. There’s a lot going on here (about two hours worth of material), but don’t worry… between Donovan, Brionne, Alex and myself, we should be able to guide you through the material without an unexpected vomiting fits or joy seizures.

I also want to provide extra thanks to my co-hosts. Brionne was super helpful as our point man for the mono-white discussion, and I assure you she was very good in this role. Alex also deserves extra thanks for making himself super accessible to us and you, answering pretty much any question, and generally chilling with us. Alex and Brionne also both came through big time when a file was lost and re-recorded a segment with me early on the weekend. Also, as always, Donovan prooflistened this joint up.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Circle of Judgement this week featuring Derfington! We pick our winners (if you’re lame, you can also just check the contest results page and scroll down) and talk our picks.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 05:50: Intro:Who is this yelling at you? Why should you care? Also announcing the Season 3 Contest Winners and announcing the next Call-In Episode. Get the details and e-mail us to be on CommanderCast!


06:03 to 47:45: Rules Committee Real Talk II: Since S3E1, I have been soliciting your questions for the Commander Rules Committee’s Alex, who made an appearance in season 2. Alex has been kind enough to descend from the RC’s equivalent of Mount Olympus to grace us with his wisdom and insight. He answers questions from our listeners and ourselves for a long time.

48:00 to 49:37: Community Spotlight: Castles and Cooks: It’s games, it’s cooking, it’s ridiculously tasty. Check out Castles and Cooks and start getting fat!


49:50 to 1:12:51: Mono-White: It’s mono-white’s turn to be discussed. Why play mono-white, and where are it’s strong points? What are the weaknesses? How can you compensate for the colour’s shortcomings? As tricky as this can be, you can count on Brionne to guide you into this topic. In fact, you better be counting on it, because me and Alex don’t know too much about mono-W in Commander.

As a note, this is a second recording of this segment, the first was lost. Donovan has a dramatic reenactment of the event. He was unable to make it to the recording.

Note, this is not what ultimately transpired, but is rather a horrifying view into what COULD have occurred.


1:13:02 to 1:24:16: Mono-White Technology: Here’s some helpful cards for mono-white decks.

Alex’s Picks:

Tempest of Light, Honour the Fallen

Donovan’s Pick:

Oath of Lieges, Divine Intervention

Andy’s Picks:

Gift of Estates, Balancing Act

Brionne’s Picks:

Soltari Visionary, Crib Swap

1:24:29 to 1:37:07: Entourage: Celestial Kirin: He’s a Spirit, he’s from Kamigawa, and he blows stuff up. He’s underused. Mono-white? Check. A perfect fit for this podcast, we’re assembling a skeleton around this explosive, underplayed Commander. Let’s do this shit.

Andy’s Picks:
Erratic Portal
Brionne’s Picks:
Blinking Spirit, Kami of False Hope, Ranger of Eos, Shining Shoal, Yomiji, Who Bars the Way

Donovan’s Picks:
Karmic Guide, Darksteel Plate, Eternal Dragon
Alex’s Picks:

Cleanfall, Yosei, The Morning Star, Charge Across the Araba


1:37:21 to closing: Outtro.

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