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The Call-InFerno descends on the internet again, burning down it’s series of tubes with white-hot firey discussions! It’s the third call-in show on CommanderCast and we’re doing it up rightwise yet again. Eight callers from around the Commander community have agreed to jump on board and make sweet, sweet noise you can listen to with your ears about EDH. Despite being smashed with the worst technical obstacles that have ever hit a call-in episodes (we lost a man, SoulReaverDan… we had to re-record a segment… we had to record some separately… it took almost an hour to start… Donovan was in a hotel or some shit), I feel this may be the best one yet with the huge list of diverse topics.

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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:20: Intro: Oh shit a podcast… it could be by anybody and about anything!


03:31 to 1:30:10: The Call-Inferno Is Upon Us: What’s this blazing hot fire burning up your speakers? The Call-Inferno is upon us! Eight caller and ten minutes per topic. The lightning round f MtG podcasting!

Bart’s Topic: Horde Magic: If you hate playing against other human beings then maybe you should hit up Horde Magic; even if you don’t it can still be pretty sweet. For the basics on Horde check out the links; we talk about it a little more in-depth, assuming some familiarity with the format.

Brandon’s Topic: Threat Assessment and Money Value: Since Brandon is super-rich, he’s interested in how dollar value of the cards on the table affect the threat assessment of players. Do you divert attacks at privlidged players? Should money cloud your judgment?

Eli’s Topic: Redesign of EDH from the ground up: EDH is a game superimposed over the MtG rules, and it’s obvious. But has Commander grown to the point where it needs a new, restructed game built to optimize it’s type of play? Like the transition from Warcraft 3 to League of Legends, Eli thinks maybe it’s time for Commander to become an independent game.

Christian’s Topic: Kingmaking and Having a Plan: Sometimes, you sit down at a table and are thinking “this game should be pretty good”. Then some asshole makes a bunch of seemingly random plays that ends up screwing your plan, screwing the game, and handing another player the win. How do you avoid being this guy, and why is it bad in the first place?

  • The origin of ‘Sirlin-ing’ out. Explore this site and you will find several games that are better than Magic.
  • S2E11 with a kingmaking-related segment
  • MTGS EDH Skype league

Nic’s Topic: 4-colour Decks: Currently, there are no 4-colour Legendary creatures, and subsequently we have no 4-colour Commander decks. But what if these were possible? In this topic we discuss how to make it happen and whether it’d be worthwhile anyway.

Robert’s Topic: Judges in your Playgroup: The Judges are the rules authority of the competitive MtG sphere. But they were also the first demographic playing Commander. Now, as the non-judge and judge population mix and play together, how does having a judge affect a group dynamic?

  • The Judgebreaker decklist
  • Dave also asked me to include this quote:
    “I missed this note I had from Nick Short, Judge level 2 at Pastimes.

    Having a judge in the playgroup means that when an intricate card interaction comes up, they can figure out what actually happens. It makes people feel better about putting strange and unusual cards in their deck as they don’t have to worry as much about playing it wrong; and it means that when something huge and chaotic happens, everyone can figure out how it actually plays out.
    I think some people also get to have fun seeing just how complicated they can make everything.”
    Nick Short
    Level 2 DCI Judge

Dave’s Topic: Unconventional Strategies for Linear Commanders: Uril the Miststalker, The Mimeoplasm, Azami, Lady of Scrolls: all Commanders that are well-explored with established strong, linear lines of play. Can you take them in a new direction to catch your opponents off guard? We look at the concept in this topic.

Matthew’s Topic: Transitioning from Competitive to Casual play: Shifting gears from playing a competitive tournament like a Legacy tournament and sitting down next to your homies for some casual Commander can be a pretty serious mental transition. In this subject we discuss how to shift gears for moving back and fourth between formats.


1:30:20 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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