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Season Four: Episode Two is brought to you by guest host Sean McKeown, who is known dropping bombs on bad decks and turning them around! This week’s CommanderCast is up in here with a broad battery of diverse subjects that range from super-focused to mega-broad. The podcast team is led into the fray by myself, with Justin and Donovan covering my back.

Always wondered what other people might think of using Un-cards? Thinking about hunting for some corner case technology to hose down a specific deck that’s been kicking you in the ribs and throat lately? Have you ever wondered what kind of cards might be generating a lot of anger in your playgroup? All this and more covered on this week’s edition of CommanderCast.

We’re also starting a new segment, brilliantly named “Commander Profiles”. Since this is a first, we’re always looking for ways to improve the segment and sculpt it into a new CommanderCast mainstay like Entourages, Retro Cycle Reviews or the Free-for-All Roundtable. Those topics have been sculpted by maybe pieces of feedback in most cases and this segment could use the same treatment. Think we missed some important points to cover when providing a quick, 20-minute primer on a Legendary creature? I have no doubt we did, so let us know. Do you have another Commander you want to see covered? Hit me up! A better name for the segment? Fire away! CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com is where you can send your constructive criticism and ideas on this and other topics, as always.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy!


04:03 to 04:13: Intro: Oh snap, a podcast! Who’s on it? What’s it about? These mysteries revealed in the always-provocative INTRO SEGMENT.


4:13 to 17:50: Free-for-All Roundtable: Tournament Standard, Casual Format: Cards with gold borders? Un-cards? Modified cards and proxies? While these cards are shunned in tournament play by the rules, Commander is more flexible and community-driven. What are some views on these type of cards, and what type of etiquette surrounds playing them?

18:01 to 34:00: Destructive Forces: We’re sharing our experiences on what kind of cards are caustic for playgroups as a whole. What kind of card push people away from playing EDH? Maybe they alienate new players, or ruin the experience for some individuals? Not a complaint topic, but more of an examination at some of the more socially volatile cards that you can see in Commander. How do you deal with this? When should you recognize that a card is having a negative impact on everyone’s experience?

Some example cards mentioned include Ad Nauseam, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, Lifeforce, Winter Orb, and Tooth and Nail.


34:14 to 54:47: Commander Profile: Savra, Queen of the Golgari: In a new segment, we’re going to be examining individual Legendary Creatures in-depth and discussing their ideal strategies, card selection, and play styles they cater to. To kick things off, mostly for selfish reasons, we’re going to be discussing Savra, Queen of the Golgari, one of the more popular B/G Commanders. What kind of deck does she work in? What style of play favours her? Some in-depth analysis on a single Commander for the first time. For more Savra action, check out Sean’s article where he retools my EXTRA-shitty Savra deck on

We’ve never run this segment before and I’d love to get some feedback on what you’d like looked at in future installments, both in terms of coverage and what Commanders should be analyzed.  Keep in mind we’ll likely only be speaking on Commanders we have personally played with or against extensively to make sure what we’re saying holds water.


55:01 to 1:10:35: Silver Bullets: (topic suggested by John aka Commandant) Sometimes, a deck is so dominant you need to start warping you decks to fight them. These cards tend to lay along a spectrum. At one end, we have cards that are generally pretty good… on the other end, cards that are very corner case but DEVASTATING against specific decks and Commanders. In this segment, we’re dredging up some Silver Bullet cards that you can fire directly into the heart of a deck you really hate. While they serve a powerful function in game as hate cards, they also have the meta-effect as functioning as a not-so-subtle slap in the face of the person who is being hosed.

1:10:47 to 1:30:31: Secret Tech: Sean Edition: I think we all know how this segment works now.


1:30:41 to close: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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