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This week’s episode of CommanderCast is preceded by an announcement about our new Gifts Given Charity Drive. For more details on the affair, you can click here or follow the link on the right side fo the page; in summary, though, I’m selling a bunch of stuff on eBay to give away to a charity and I’m trying to raise more money through listener contributions of cards. There is more information on both the podcast and around our website, and you will be hearing more about it in the coming weeks. If you have no interest, skip to 8:00 in the podcast and you can bypass it entirely.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual for CommanderCast. And by business as usual, I mean we’re whooping ass and putting out more and more podcast material. This week’s episode has special guest Frank from Crazy Talk lending us his excellent accent while Byron and Carlos back me up on the track.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 07:52: Gifts Given: I take some time to discuss our Gifts Given Charity Drive.

07:52 to 11:36: Intro: It’s CommanderCast! What is this show about and who’s on it? In case you didn’t know, we’re going over it again.

  • Crazy Talk, a podcast about Legacy and other stuff


11:48 to 34:53: Competition and Commander: Our guest Frank’s primary topic, here we’re taking a wide-ranging discussion on Commander, competition, and deck strength. What are the hallmarks of having a deck too strong for your group? What makes a group truly competitive? What is the place of competition in EDH?

35:06 to 50:27: Rolling Fatties: (topic suggested by Art) Who loves fatties? Well, we all do… but what does ‘fatty’ even mean in Commander? Is a Baneslayer Angel a fatty in EDH? What about a big ol’ body like Krosan Colossus? What does a fat-ass creature have to do to qualify as a quality fat guy in Commander? Is Commander still the format of fat, or have things shifted the focus elsewhere? All this and more as we talk about high p/t to mana, dat ass, and “herp-derp I’m a Sphinx”.


50:39 to 1:04:05: Low Profile, High Threat: Sometimes, a card looks harmless until it stabs you, like a KGB baby-assassin. Other times, cards are frequently interpreted as being ‘non-threats’ because they threaten a player through unconventional means. This week we’re discussing cards that fit into this mold: your Thornbite Staffs, your Magosi, the Waterveils, your Propagandas, and so on. What kind of cards are low profile but super-dangerous? How to you keep these cards low-profile if you want them that way?

1:04:20 to 1:23:30: Hated Out: Tax/Stax: Nobody liks these kind of decks. If you’re one fo the psychopaths who thinks they’re fun, though, then this segment you can hear us talk about them. If you’re one of the normal people who wants to kneecap the Winter Orb guy with a shotgun, then this segment may help you out a bit. It’s the return to Hated Out, where we go over hated strategies, why people hate them, and how to deal with them.


1:23:32 to 1:47:39: Retro Cycle Review: Lorwyn Commands: In our most-requested retro cycle review, we do the least Retro cycle we’ve discussed so far; the Lorwyn Commands. The pick orders are less predictable than I thought they’d be. As usual, I stick up for the red card the rest of these pussies shun.

Austere Command, Cryptic Command, Profane Command, Incendiary Command, Primal Command

Frank’s Order:
Austere, Primal, Profane, Cryptic, Incendiary

Byron’s Order:
Cryptic, Primal, Austere, Profane, Incendiary

Andy’s Order:
Profane, Primal, Incendiary, Austere, Cryptic

Carlos’ Order:
Austere, Cryptic, Profane, Primal, Incendiary


1:47:53 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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