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CommanderCast this week has some all-time EDH all-stars, putting the podcasting game on notice with Bennie Smith, Cassidy Silver, and CommanderCast Tactical Podcasting Team standbys Andy and Donovan. While I think this week’s podcast is certainly on point, I would hope that this is just a standard expectation for the show every week. But this week, things are a little different. Gifts Given kicked off last week with a literally overwhelming strong positive response from the CommanderCast audience. Some of you I know, so of you I have never heard from. But you are all awesome and have made the auction wildly successful, far beyond what I ever imagined it would be. To see who’s contributed what, check out the Contributions page; to see how you can get involved, scope out the Gifts Given Charity Drive page.

I also want to say that unfortunately, my wife took our camera with her on a two-week trip. I’m unable to do a prize raffle video as a result, but did figure out some winners. They’ve been e-mailed about it, so don’t worry. Next week will be done in video format.

Anyway, the podcast itself should also be pretty good. We have a few new segments this week I’m sure you will enjoy. As always, hit us up with some feedback if there’s anything you want to see or hear, especially regarding our new stuff; they usually take a while to iron themselves out into the razor-precise format of something long-running like Secret Tech or the Free-For-All Roundtable.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:15: Intro: It’s CommanderCast! What is this show about and who’s on it? In case you didn’t know, we’re going over it again.


03:26 to 12:51: Charity Cases: I speak on the contribution people have made to the charity drive and read their messages.

13:04 to 28:23: Doucheology: In the untamed wilds of Commander, we are bound to run into a less-than-favourable personalities. In Doucheology, we are providing a field guide to locating, dealing with, and hopefully reversing some of these potentially game-ruining personalities. In week, we’re discussing two personalities of note; the “Salt Truck”, a skulky black hole of negativity, and “Scoopy McGee”, guy guy who scoops seemingly for no reason from time to time.


28:36 to 47:56: Archetype Rundown: Voltron: Another Archetype Rundown has us examining the Commander-specific style of deck known as Voltron. When suiting up main man to serve as a Defender of the Universe, this section has some guidelines you might do well to follow. As we introduce a new resource with Commander in the form of General Damage, this is the archetype that has risen to exploit that resource to the fullest. What are it’s ups and downs? How do you play it well?

48:12 to 1:02:17: The Archenemy Survival Handbook: You’re in control. The table appears to be yours. But then, everyone else has decided,”hey, if we all work together, we can keep this jerk from winning!” It’s times like that where you can refer to the (limited) wisdom in this segment about surviving an Archenemy situation. When the table is turning against you and you need to maintain your dominance, it’s important to dispel the notion that things like ‘teamwork’, ‘fair play’, or ‘alliances’ can topple your cardboard empire. Here, we provide tips on how to grind your pitiful opponents into dust beneath your jackboots entirely once you’re in the lead.


1:02:27 to 1:24:20: Warhorses: A segment suggested by GU Doug and Jake, a lot of people have asked to hear our go-to cards, combos, engines and technology. We’re presenting some standbys we roll with today on Warhorses. Each host runs down a couple of cards or a category of cards that they use in conjunction as standby, go-to engines or enablers in their decks that have proven themselves on the stack and battlefield.

Cassidy’s Picks:

Andy’s Picks:

Bennie’s Picks:

Donovan’s Picks:

1:24:31 to 1:44:56: Hands-On Set Review: Magic 2012: We touch on a broad range of M12 cards and topics, ranging from the ‘Empires Trilogy’ to the reprint of the Titans. What was totally sweet, what was junk, and what cards did we personally like or dislike? A little less structured than usual, we just run over the set in general terms. We also point out the cards we personally like best and shit on the ones we didn’t. Lil’ Bastard General Mischief Kits, Dick-Biting Alligators, Scrambleverse, and card allergies all are discussed.


1:45:06 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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