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In a milestone of independent website planning that spans the intertron and webternets, nations and continents, and time and space itself, CommanderCast’s Crossover Month continues to EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE in the best way possible! We’ve connected our affiliates sites in a complex lattice of unending crossover-ness, supplying one another with content and material of all sorts for the month of November. This is our first crossover podcast in a series that will run for the entire month, where we will host one guest from another show on the MtGCast network, and one from a non-podcasting… thing.

This week we’re joined by Sean from RedCastWins (ok, this one might be cponsidered cheating, but DON’T BLOCK MY SHINE SON) and Gavin from the Commander Rules Committee. To prove we are doing roughly ZERO fucking around, we have served up an epic two-hour broadcast loaded with drama, fights, information, lulz, and even other stuff, probably. Who knows what else might be in there? Quick, find out by listening!

Be advised that all content normally posted on Fridays will be postponed to Saturday in observance of Remembrance Day in Canada.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:02: Intro: Podcasts? With INTROS? What on earth is this?


05:11 to 18:57: Free-For-All Roundtable: Centralized Control: The Commander Rules Committee guides the format, but not all players follow their instructions to the letter: beyond that, Commander has no single central authority. The RC has also publicly stated that they have no interest in enforcing strong, central control over EDH.  What’s the importance of central control to a format and how has this lack of it influenced EDH?

19:09 to 26:15: Charity Cases: I take some time to discuss our Gifts Given Charity Drive‘s recent developments.

26:28 to 53:13: Tyrant for a Day: Speaking of a lack of central control, this segment assumes a wild scenario where we have somehow driver an coup of Commander playgroups everywhere, resulting in absolute dominion over your card games. As petty tyrants, what rules changes do we unilaterally impose? How would we change the format for selfish (or maybe not) reasons?


53:25 to 1:06:03: General Profile: Arcum Daggson: Nobody likes Arcum Daggson, except for the people who do. Who aren’t people. But for real, this week we have Sean with us who is a consummate Arcum pro. He shares his expertise with us and we discuss why Arcum is good, whta gives him trouble, and so on. If you like tappin’ guys, killin’ guys, and makin’ things, here is your man.

1:06:13 to 1:20:36: Distant Early Warning: Sometimes, we develop tunnel vision. A big creature looks scary. But is that guy casting Preordain doing something scarier? Maybe he is. In this segment we discuss the value of increased situational awareness; watching your opponent’s hand, library, graveyard, and other non-permanent factors in a game when evaluating a game state.


1:20:46 to 1:39:10: Bad Cards We Love: We can’t get enough of certain cards, no matter how shitty they seem. While a lot of these cards are actually pretty good in my mind, these guys seem to think they’re bad. Maybe that says more about my Magic skill than anything else. In any case, he’s a list of ‘bad’ cards my cohosts clutch close to their gameplans, regardless of how much they’re teased (RUTHLESSLY).

1:39:21 to 2:01:11: Good Cards We Hate: Flip the script! There’s lots of good cards out there, but seriously, they piss us off. Here we talk about some of the really good cards we see and think, “boo(-urns!)” Great cards that are maybe played out, maybe misplayed, and maybe just plain irritating.


2:01:22 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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