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The independent Commander community continues the month-long AVALANCHE of crosssover content this week as we move into Crossover Month Week Two!

This week’s podcast we have two champions from the online EDH scene; Uriah, El Presidente of CMDRDecks (the premiere deck tech video on YouTube for Commander players worldwide) and Chris Lansdell, MtGCast’s favourite son and notorious Twitter whore. Rounding out the lineup for this episode I have Adam with me and together we take a bunch of different topics and suplex them through the Spanish announcer’s table. But don’t think this is the only crossover joint going down this week: check out my appearance on CMDRDecks, head over to The Crazy 99 on Wednesday for our crossover article with Zimagic (his partner is Max), and then on The Command Zone Brionne is crossing over with Thaumaturge on Friday!

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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 02:50: Intro: Crossover week continues. Here’s who’s on the podcast and where they’re from.


03:01 to 15:31: Free-For-All Roundtable: Sol Ring: A few weeks back, we were talking about ‘fast mana’ in general. This week we zero in on Sol Ring specifically. It was in the Commander precons, and it’s been called the ‘flagship’ card of the format. But is it good or bad for Commander? This week we’re squaring off over this card’s place on EDH.

15:43 to 23:05: Charity Cases: I speak on the contribution people have made to the charity drive and read their messages.

23:18 to 43:49: Colour Identity Chokehold: Adam proposes that whenever a new type of card with potentially ambiguous colour identity appears (flip cards, split cost, etc.), the Rules Committee has always chosen the most conservative implementation of colour identity possible. We discuss the pros and cons of this and what the implications may be for EDH’s future, especially as new cards are released that continue to bend the rules.


44:04 to 1:01:28: Archetype Rundown: Pillow Fort: “I sat here for 20 turns and did nothing, then I won.” Welcome to the world of the Pillow Fort player. The most defensive (I like to say derpfensive but whatever) deck style there is, the Pillow Fort player is notorious for a passive plan, an isolationist perspective, and for keeping a low profile. How do you play these types of decks successfully? How do you fight against them? We talk about both building your own Pillow Fort and knocking them over like an overexcited dog in this segment.

1:01:45 to 1:17:15: Caught Straight Slippin’: Sometimes, we just get lazy. Maybe we figure our metagame has enough enchantment destruction, so we can cut some. Maybe we just got a cool card from a booster and just HAVE to squeeze it into our deck, so we cut a land. Perhaps, like 99% of Commander players out there, we throw a Strip Mine into our decks and figure “welp, I’ve covered nonbasic land hate”. Here, we discuss the dangers of slipping up and getting lazy with our deck building.


1:17:27 to 1:30:23: Legends from Legends: Uriah was like “yo dawg I heard u liek Legendz so lets talk Legends from Legends nahimsayin”. I was like “cool”. In this segment we talk about the set that brought us Legendary mans and how some of these old-school champions translate into the present day Commander environment. Just how cruel has time been to these geriatric cardboard kings?

Uriah’s Picks:

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1:30:34 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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