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Season Five IGNITES THE INTERNET with a jump-off so powerful you might not want to wear headphones. I can’t confirm these reports, but I’ve heard of head explosions and similar messiness resulting for a sheer overload of awesomness. For the Season Five jumpoff, we’ve got myself, Donovan, and Justin on deck with the newest member of the Tactical Podcasting Team, Sean Patchen aka Swords to Plow aka Mr. Accumulated Knowledge. You’ve no doubt seen Sean on CommanderCast, heard him on RedCastWins, and are hopefully already following him on Twitter. If not, this episode should convince you to familiarize yourself with this man because he’s a beast with both keyboard and mic.

So, what does the Tactical Podcasting Team tackle this week? It’s an extensive look at last summer’s newfangled Commander product from all angles. First, we scope the implications it’s had for Commander as a format, as well as local impact on our own groups. Then it’s time for a strategy discussion, seeing how the idea of card advantage as king holds up to some scrutiny. To finish the show, we present an exhaustive hands-on set review of Commander. Our favourite cards, ‘what the fuck’ moments and more all encapsulated in a 40 minute discussion.

In other news, our Season 5 Contest is still in progress. If you have any musical capabilities (this includes yelling into a microphone), then don’t miss your chance to win some of that sweet, sweet pimpness only Derfington can provide. You should also probably check out the ongoing Gifts Given auctions… FOR THE CHILDREN

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 07:33: Intro: Some super-basic introductions to all the things on CommanderCast.


07:45 to 23:03: Commander Product Six Month Retrospective: The Commander product released last summer has been out for a while. The dust is settling and we’re going to sift through the rubble, examining the overall success/failure of theĀ  product. How much have the new cards proliferated into our existing decks? How popular have the new Commanders been? How many new players have the product introduced to the scene? We look at the impact on Commander as a format that these new cards have had on deckbuilding, playgroups, and more.

23:17 to 39:23: Doucheology: The triumphant return of Doucheology! This week, we’re taking a look at a few kinds of Douchebags, as usual. This week’s selections may be personalities you recognize from your own groups. Perhaps you recognize a few of these? If so, don’t worry… we also provide some handy (if not half-assed) solutions to remedying these personality faults as well.


39:41 to 1:01:56: False Idols: Card Advantage Is King: There are a lot of ‘rules’ in multiplayer Magic and Commander as a whole. One of these is the oft-chanted mantra that above all else, card advantage leads to victory. But is this true? Has the pursuit of a mathematical advantage in cards kept people from winning games? Can converting pure card advantage to damage, creatures, and other resources be a better use of your time and mana? In this rousing strategy discussion, we examine how truly important card advantage is in EDH.

  • Sean’s articles dissecting card advantage, the first (part one and two) and second
  • S4E11, where we discuss card impact vs quantity


1:01:16 to 1:41:16: Hands On Set Review: Flashing back to the start of the show, we’re doing our hands-on review of the Commander set! New cards, reprints, manabases, and the horrifying failures of the set are exposed! What was awesome and what was crap? Which were our personal favourites? What are the new format staples? All this and more in our hands-on review!

Format Staples: All non-Tariel wedge Commanders, Martyr’s Bond, Mana-Charged Dragon, Command Tower, Spell Crumple, Scavenging Ooze, Chaos Warp

Andy’s Picks:

Donovan’s Picks:

Sean’s Picks:

Justin’s Picks:


1:41:32 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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