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Hey guys, it’s a sweet episode of CommanderCast! I’ll not lie, my free time is basically entirely entirely consumed by Mass Effect 3 at the moment. It was a real struggle to keep my attention focused on doing something else for a few hours, including this episode. But I managed to pull it off. This week’s episode also was down a man, featuring myself with capable backup from Scott of the Eh Team podcast and my man Andrew Magrini, Twitter Fiend and longtime CommanderCast advocate for our special audience guest for the ongoing audience appreciation month. We’re also continuing the theme of the month with every topic being an audience contribution.

We’re in the final stretch of time to submit your entries for the Season 5 Contest, so hustle on that if you want to make it in on the deadline (March 14th!).

Are you going to Pax East? If so, let me know because the CommanderCast Box Social is going to pop off yet again in Boston! Last year we had a ton of fun and showed a ton of new players how to do the whole EDH thing, so I’m hoping for a repeat this year.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:20: Intro: It’s a show and we’re talking on it. But wait… who’s talking, and about what?


04:36 to 28:48: Deckbuilding and the Power of the Intertron: Chris Lansdell is technically part of the audience and he presents the following topic:

“I’d like to hear how people approach deckbuilding, from idea to tweaks.”
So, in this topic, we’ll go over how we build decks and what tools we use to improve on them. The internet is brimming with great resources and other players who can help you out enormously, and in this segment we’ll point you to them.


29:09 to 42:56: Online VS IRL: This is a topic that’s been suggested by many listeners, so hopefully this helps out somebody.

When you switch the medium you’re playing the game in, you also change your available strategies. Playing online, it’s a lot harder for me to offer the guy on my right a quick handjob in exchange for an in-game favour… but I digress. In this segment we discuss how you can shift your strategy for success between the two modes of play. Are you missing a tool you weren’t aware of when you’re online? Did you know offline, you can offer handjobs?

43:16 to 1:02:45: Ideal Board Position: It’s Andrew’s suggested topic for the week, where we discuss the following:

“Do you consider an ‘Ideal board position’ for you is by commanding an overwhelming/dominating position yourself, or do you prefer keeping other players boards cleared?
The question, while many don’t ask it outright to themselves, is one we innately consider when we build a new deck. Do we want to focus on the former (Aggro, Tokens, Wild Pod, Pillowforts) or the latter (Control, Stax/Tax) or something inbetween (Akido-types).”


1:03:03 to 1:20:54: Recycling Programs: Listen Grant has suggested the following topic:

“I would like to see a discussion on how to deal with dead cards in hand. For example, if its mid game and I have all the mana I need my mana fixing spells are kind of dead in the water. I like to through in a couple of cards that can make use of those excess rubbish.  Does it ever enter your mind during deck construction. Is it something new players should consider or should you just build you deck better or find better cards.”

So we’re going to recommend a bunch of cards that you can use to convert a dead card into something else.

Andy’s Recommendations: Nantuko Cultivator, Nostalgic Dreams

Scott’s Recommendations: Retrace Cards (Spitting Image for example), Buyback Cards like Forbid, Spellshapers (Jorael, Empress of Beasts as an example)

Andrew’s Recommendations: Trade Routes, Greater Good


1:21:10 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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