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This week for CommanderCast’s audience appreciation month we tagged in longtime listener Scott to fill one of the spots in the cipher. Also backing me up on the track this week we have Byron and Sean laying wisdom down and slapping the EDH Theorycraft Tryhards back into position with real experience-based advice. For this week’s episode we continue the trend of continuing to present entirely topics suggested by the audience, with a bit of a slant towards going outside the rules a la Cassidy’s Audacity. Un-cards? House rules? Bluffing strategy? Yep, we covered all that and more this week.

Are you going to Pax East? If so, let me know because the CommanderCast Box Social is going to pop off yet again in Boston! Last year we had a ton of fun and showed a ton of new players how to do the whole EDH thing, so I’m hoping for a repeat this year.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:01: Intro: ITS A PODCAST ABOUT CARD GAME


04:10 to 14:21: Free-For-All Roundtable: Wishes: Sent in my millionare artist Robert, we fight over the suggested topic of Wishes and Wishboards in Commander. How do we feel they fit in with the format at large?

14:36 to 39:48: Law of the Land: This is a topic that’s been requested by many people, but I’ll use Dylan’s e-mail for the framing question as a general representative:

“Some type of community segment exploring deviations from the standard EDH and magic rules in local metagames.  For simple examples, my playgroup has adjusted the poison limit to 15, and I know you’ve mentioned that one of your playgroups completely ignored the official banlist for awhile.  These are nice, but I’m really more interested in the strange and interesting rules that develop in isolated playgroups.”

So in this segment we explore some of the local deviations on the ‘official’ rules we’ve encountered ourselves, heard in feedback from listeners, and have proposed ourselves.


40:07 to 54:54: Recurring Nightmares: In a combination topic, we’re address the request of TRavis to discuss how to deal with people’s Commanders–not any in particular, but just as a whole. Spot removal, on-board hobbling, Meddling Mage-type cards, and more are all discussed; there’s more you can do than just hit a general with Terminate or blow it up with Wrath of God, so we explore the options we like. We also go over Michael’s suggested topic on some of the rules loopholes that can exile a commander for good.

55:14 to 1:08:00: Bluffing Strategies: Ruston was on Twitter like “yo what be some bluffin strats son” so I figured we better discuss the art of lying to your friends. What strategies benefit most from the pilot having a good poker face, and when do you need to pull out the bluffing techniques on defense or offense?


1:08:19 to 1:31:16: Un-Whack Un-Cards: Scott’s topic of choice is week is Un-Whack Un-Cards, or cards from the Unglued and Unhinged sets that might even be playable in normal games. In addition to recommending some other cards, we’ll be discussing the social dynamics of Un-cards. We’ll also be touching on a few real shitty cards you shouldn’t bother touching unless you hate having friends.

Andy’s Recommendations: Uktabi Kong, Who/What/When/Where/Why: don’t go in with Bronze Calendar

Scott’s Recommendations: Jalum Grifter, Squirrel Farm: and never EVER play Rod of Spanking

Sean’s Recommendations: Fowl Play, Johnny, Combo Player: don’t even look at Mine, Mine, Mine!

Byron’s Recommendations: Richard Garfield, Ph.D., R&D’s secret lair: avoid Incoming! at all costs


1:31:29 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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