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Whoops! There’s a fire spreading rapidly through the internet! CommanderCast IGNITES THE CALL-INFERNO for the fourth time, spewing HOT FLAMES across the webtertron’s Commander community!

We’re spitting wisdom, knowledge and understanding in a communal learning experience in the form of a 90-minute-or-so podcast where five brave components of the CommanderCast audience put their voices on the line to risk a shouting match with a witless idiot and his wiser, more level-headed co-administrator. As always, a gauntlet of topics slam down in front of us and we navigate it with everything we can muster, our manly spirits combining into a towering blaze the likes of which have never been seen before. Well… except these other three times. But whatever, shut up and ignore the details.

Are you going to Pax East? If so, let me know because the CommanderCast Box Social is going to pop off yet again in Boston! Last year we had a ton of fun and showed a ton of new players how to do the whole EDH thing, so I’m hoping for a repeat this year.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 02:41: Intro: An intrepid journey into Commander with seven brave crew members trying to control this bitch!


02:56 to 1:23:08: The Call-InFerno: Hearts and minds combine to assemble the towering Call-InFerno, and intellectual supernova covering a variety of topics suggested by our brave audience members who have offered to put their very lives on the line to record this podcast (you might not have known that to keep the intensity of the show up, we record all episodes inside an active volcano).

Angry Graybeard’s Topic: Being Old And Playing EDH: As the most senior component of this podcast, Angry Graybeard is totally qualified to be talking about being an old-ass man that still plays a trading card game. But in this context, we discuss the roles and potential responsibilities that come with being the senior member of a Commander group–and the ways this role can be turned into one of leadership, or one that sends an entire playgroup spiraling into oblivion. Take notes, kids. This is Ancient Wisdom-style advice that can only come with age.

Alex’s Topic: What To Do When Your Group Gets Stale: Many playgroups eventually run into the issue of Commander games feeling stale… same-y… even boring. So how do you mix things up? Long running groups often use a variety of aids like Planechase (as Brionne once so cleverly said, “the sex toy of EDH”), alternative rules, and so on. We outline many of those options we used ourselves in this segment.

Dan’s Topic: Dual Win Conditions: Dan explores the concept of including seperate, but co-operating win conditions in your deck, like Dredge Combo+Laboratory Maniac or whatever. Things where you have a few options for winning… where it seems like every path leads to the same outcome–YOU WIN.

Brian’s Topic: Number of players/strategies: Some strategies work better in playgroups of certain size than in others. In this segment we discuss the concept and outline what kind of decks we feel operate best with what number of players. It’s not that complicated… OR IS IT

Bart’s Topic: Reprints and New Cards: To close out the show, Bart brings us a speculative topic, something we normally avoid at CommanderCast but this one seemed worthwhile; what cards do we want to see repeated in upcoming multiplayer-centric products like Planechase 2012 or the second Commander expansion, and what kind of brand new cards would we like to see?


1:23:24 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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