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We’re kicking off Olde-Tyme Week here at CommanderCast! Join me in celebrating our first theme week with a sweet olde-tyme jig around the good ol’ phonograph, then settle down (if you can; them jigs get the ticker RACIN’) for another electrifying, educational, and above all HISTORICAL episode of CommanderCast. To help us out in conveying the olde-tyme theme, we’ve gotten the oldest person on the staff. Is it Imshan? Surprisingly no, it’s Old Man Fred, aka Fred Cole aka Mr. Ancient Wisdom. We managed to pull Fred away from his Twitter account THOUGH TIME, back to the days of audio-only media where you gather the fire around the transistor… iPod… and listen in to myself, Donovan, Justin and our special guest with the whole fam.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:12: Intro: Does it sound like I’m on OLDE-TYME RRRRRADIOOOO?


04:34 to 20:47: The Reserve List: This is a topic we’ve touched on before but this week we’re going to punch it in the neck. The Reserve List: That’s The Dealie For Realie? How does it influence EDH, and does it provide us with any kind of upside?

21:00 to 37:53: The Good Old Days (Can It All Be So Simple): Our throwback topic is a retrospective on Commander as a whole; our own initial experiences with it and how the format has changed since we started playing it. The influences that shaped us as players, the rules we used when we first started playing, and so on. If you’ve ever wondered about our EDH Origin Stories, then this is your jam.


38:11 to 1:00:20: Olde Tyme Strategy: With ld Man Fred on deck, we you we have to discuss old stuff in all capacities. Here we look at the strategic benefits of playing old cards, including Donovan’s brief but awesome guide to cheating using old cards. But most of the stuff here is pretty legit. How do old-school lessons on Magic translate into Commander? What kind of ancient truisms hold up in this ridiculous new environment?


1:00:37 to 1:17:33: Retro Cycle Review: We’re doing a true Retro Cycle Review this week as the Elder Dragons from Legends are placed in the scope. Though one clearly stands head and shoulders above the rest, we have a good ol’ throwdown over our ranking of the other four (and there’s even a surprise TWIST ENDING).

Vaevictis Asmadi
Arcades Sabboth
Nicol Bolas

Here be our geriatric champions. Which will reign supreme?

Donovan’ Pick Order:

  • Chromium > Nicol Bolas > Vaevictis Asmadi > Palladia-Mors > Arcades Sabboth

Fred’s Picks:

  • Nicol Bolas > Vaevictis Asmadi > Palladia-Mors > Arcades Sabboth > Chromium

Justin’s Pick Order:

  • Nicol Bolas > Arcades Sabboth > Vaevictis Asmadi > Chromium > Palladia-Mors

Andy’s Pick Order:

  • Nicol Bolas > Arcades Sabboth > Chromium > Vaevictis Asmadi > Palladia-Mors

1:17:53 to 1:30:18: Olde Tyme Tech: Fred puts the game on smash with his old-tyme tech. While you’re busy playing with your ‘new’ and ‘appropriately costed’ cards, Fred’s been freezing his bony old ass off in the Ice Age, pulling from it’s barren clutches all kinds of soul-nourishing technology that even grizzled veterans can find use for.





1:30:35 to closing: Outtro: We done did it!


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