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This week CommanderCast is taking a few pages from the Steven Seagal handbook and we’re going to break down ‘Aikido’ decks, where you use the strength of your opponents against them. To help me out I’ve got super-blackest black belt Cassidy Silver (disclaimer: may be some kind of citrus belt), The Spirit of MtGCast Chris Lansdell, and guest beasting this week is my man Omar Hernandez, one of the first-ever CommanderCast listeners. The four of us embark on a mystical journey of both spiritual, intellectual and even physical improvement as we examine the fine art of playing your opponent’s deck better than he/she can.

Oh, we also totally are doing an Entourage on Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked, so stick around for that train wreck. Plus, we’re examining an individual Aikido deck where we examine David’s Wrexial, the Risen Deep deck in depth in the first-ever Wrexial-Approved Roundup.

Before this continues, I’d like to thank Dayne Taylor for catching one of my many ridiculous rules derps regarding Time Stop! I have been informed the card exiles itself, which is something I had never noticed (and none of my opponents had surprisingly ever mentioned to me), so I can’t use it for a soft-lock piece anymore in my shitty Group Hug deck. I’ve edited the show to keep anybody from learning to cheat from my ignorance. THANK YOU DAYNE! I will let my opponents who have lost to this give me a free face punch and curse your name after each one.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:36: Intro: What’s a podcast?


04:45 to 22:45: Flip Mode: My man Daniel Palm sent an e-mail suggesting the following:

“Something I was thinking would be a interesting topic to discuss is the remake of Commander rules to alow the Kamigawa flip generals like Budoka Pupil.”

We take Daniel’s suggestion and run with it, examining the possibilities that we could have if we were to expand the rules on what kind of Commanders are legal in EDH. Planeswalkers? Genju of the Realm? Phage the Untouchable? What are the limits, and how far should we bend the existing rules?


22:53 to 39:02: Off-Turn Interaction: In EDH, a lot of people consider consider cards like Storm Herd and Insurrection the flagship cards of the format. But we still need the infrastructure associated with typical Magic decks, and off-turn interaction is one of those vital elements that often gets overlooked in EDH deck construction. This week we’re talking about the strategic importance of making sure you can make some plays during your opponent’s turns as well as your own.

39:19 to 1:19:39: Archetype Rundown: Aikido Decks: Not too much to say here.


1:19:53 to 1:17:33: Entourage: Shimatsu the Bloodcloaked: Is this our worst Commander yet for an Entourage? Suggested by my man Chrisitan aka Boel via Twitter, this week myself and the goons are trying to make Shimatsu at least somewhat playable. Can it be done? Maybe not, but we give it our all.

Cassidy’s Pick:

Omar’s Picks:

Chris’ Pick Order:

Andy’s Pick Order:

1:39:05 to 1:39:21: Wrexial-Approved Roundup: It’s the first installment in the Wrexial-Approved Roundup, where I get in touch with people who have built decks based off our Entourage segments and talk about how the deck has been faring. What has changed since the segment? How much of our original framework did the deck’s pilot keep? How powerful, overall, has the deck turned out to be? All this and more will be covered with each installment.

For the maiden voyage, we’re got something truly Wrexial-Approved… it’s David’s Wrexial deck based on the $30 Wrexial Challenge from all the way back in S5E3!


1:30:35 to closing: Outtro: We done did it!


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