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Yep, I think this week I posted the right file and everything! If not… welp… deal with it I guess.

I have Carlos, Imshan and Max (in his podcast premiere) on the mic this week and we’re all spitting hot fire into the proverbial booth with another CommanderCast club banger. When I asked Max what he wanted to speak about, he said we should hit on the theme of competitiveness, keeping it casual, and the howling chasm between them and what it meant to us. I tried to keep the these across all the subjects, but I just had to hit up the Reliquary Tower thing for our Technology segment this week. Outside that, we’re talking about cards that wreck up games, how to assess threats properly in abstract, and more. You know how it is.

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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:49: Intro: What’s a podcast?


04:59 to 15:00: Free-For-All Roundtable: “Crutches”: We bring back the FFART (yessss hahaha) for the first time with the new music to discuss the concept of “crutches” in deckbuilding. What’s the difference between a ‘crutch’ and a ‘staple’, and should it matter anyway?

15:13 to 43:47: Benching the Buzzkills: In this segment we look at some cards that are occasionally ‘less fun’, and then provide alternatives to them if you want to seem like less of a buzzkill in your local games. For the purposes of this discussion, we use this definition of ‘fun’ as provided by Max:

Fun: The act of having sufficient options to make meaningful decisions about what happens during the game.

So, that out of the way, here’s the complete lineup:

Max’s Buzzkills and Replacements:

Andy’s Buzzkills and Replacements:

Carlos’ Buzzkills and Replacements:

Imshan’s Buzzkills and Replacements:


44:06 to 1:11:32: Threat Assessment: I get asked about this a lot, but usually threat assessment discussions descend into pretentious theorycraft, bragging, and talking down to people who are apparently ‘idiots’ for making the ‘wrong’ choice with their limited information. So we’re going to try as hard as possible to stay away from that and instead provide some general guidelines on what we use to guide our own threat priority when we’re playing.


1:11:51 to 1:26:36: Over//Under: Reliquary Tower vs Basic Land: It’s Over//Under! Having not done one of these, this week we tackle a personal pet peeve: Reliquary Tower. Is it a Commander staple, or is it secretly a piece of crap (YES)? What’s the value of a basic land over getting to keep a wildly-overflowing hand?


1:26:52 to closing: Outtro: We done did it!


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