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Always forging ahead into the unexplored realms of the Commander experience, this week the CommanderCast Adventure Submarine dives deep into the world of the Commander Cube! With myself as the captain of this (doomed) vessel, I have Sean on deck as skipper (totally wearing one of those silly hats) with Justin and special guest Hayley serving as our navigators into these uncharted cardboard seas. The synthesis of Commander and a full-fledged Cube draft seems like the best of both worlds, combining the multiplayer action and longer games of EDH with the quick thinking and deckbuilding skills that a limited environment necessitates. Justin and Hayley are some of those few who have taken the plunge into an EDH Cube and survived. This week they’re kind enough to feed us their expertise.

In other news UP IN THIS BITCH, don’t miss out on the Season 5 Contest! I’m taking entries for about a month, until the 14th of March, so get on your Magic Set Editor grind.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 06:31: Intro: It’s a show and we’re talking on it. But wait… who’s talking, and about what?


06:46 to 38:48: Alt. Format: Commander Cube: A long time ago I considered building something along these lines, but then I figured I liked to keep the experience of cube drafts and Commander seperate. But now, I’m not so sure, and it’s largely because of this discussion. Hayley and Justin step up, take point, and drop bombs of wisdom regarding the EDH Cube: it’s composition, construction, cost, and more.

39:02 to 45:28: Season 5 Contest 2: I announce the jump-off to Season 5 Contest 2. For more, click here.

45:47 to 59:52: Stereotypes: I got an interesting e-mail from my man Andrew where he noted that sometimes, it’s tough to determine exactly how to treat a player who sits down with, say, Sharuum the Hedgemon and gives you this like:

Oh my Sharuum deck totally isn’t like the usual ones. You don’t have to worry.”

The ball is in your court. What’s the play? In this segment we debate how to treat people who tell you their deck is an outlier from the norm, how to address the ‘stereotypes’ surrounding certain Commanders, and so on.


1:01:09 to 1:15:57: Draft Strategies: Drafting is probably the most skill-testing element of Magic that involves multiple player influences at the same time. In this segment, we discuss the particulars of drafting the EDH cube. The rules are different, the decks are huge and the curves are high. What kind of picks are better than traditional cubes? Where does hate-drafting come into play? At what point do you lock in your strategy? How highly do you value mana fixing?


1:16:17 to 1:29:10: Snap Picks: There are some cards in a standard Cube that you just don’t pass to another player if you open them, especially in the first pack, first pick situation. Sol Ring, Umezawa’s Jitte, and the other usual suspects are must-takes in traditional Cubes. How do these cards become more or less valuable in an EDH Cube? To top things off, I also ask Justin and Hayley to snap-pick between two cards (or categories of cards) in a sort of lightning round at the end of the show.

Windmill Slam?:

Sol Ring, Recurring Nightmare, Mana Drain, Skullclamp, Veldilion Clique, Sensei’s Divining Top, Sword of Feast and Famine, Umezawa’s Jitte

Comparison Drafts:

Dual Lands VS Ravnica Bouncelands

Nature’s Claim VS Relic Crush

Spell Crumple VS Draining Whelk

Demonic Tutor VS Recurring Insight

Kokusho. the Evening Star VS Consecrated Sphinx VS Primeval Titan


1:29:26 to closing: Outtro: We done did it!


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