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CommanderCast is no longer the only Commander-centric podcast running. We now have a brother podcast in Off-Color Cast, a trio of manliness dedicated to showcasing the “serious, the aggressive, and the awesome” of the EDH format. This week I’ve invited all three thugs from OCC onto CommanderCast for a dirty crossover episode that you really can’t afford to miss.

This episode was one of trials and tribulations, not because of technical problems I’ve come to accept are the new norm but rather because we spent about three hours recording. The conversation was veering wildly across the barren wasteland of our collective minds, occasionally crashing into things like a ghost breaking into my house, Calvin’s enormous anatomy, and much more. But still, we powered through and created a reasonably coherent episode, which I think is praise-worthy.

The Season 5 Contest is still a thing that is happening and you can enter it.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:57: Intro: It’s a show and we’re talking on it. But wait… who’s talking, and about what?


04:16 to 18:00: Thorough Scrubbings: In other gaming communities for things like fighting games, first-person shooters, tabletop wargames, or whatever, being called a scrub is hugely derogatory. A ‘scrub’ is somebody who complains about the tactics used in the game being ‘cheap’ or ‘unfair’ despite being of even accrss to all players. They impose their own rules over the game and hate on those who refuse to comply. But to me, this sounds exactly like a good EDH group. In this segment we examine the parallel between the place of Scrubs in Commander and how it compares to other games.

  • S5E7 w/discussion on the casual inquisition

18:18 to 22:51: Community Spotlight: Off-Colour Cast: This show is kind of like CommanderCast’s younger, crazier brother that spent some time in jail. If you like what you’re hearing here, then there’s no reason you won’t like Off-Color (unless you have very sensitive ears).


23:09 to 42:25: Archetype Rundown: ‘Heel’ Decks: In professional wrestling terminology, a ‘heel’ is a bad guy; consider, for example, the Iron Shiek, who the audience is supposed to LOVE to hate. In EDH, this archetype hates on the whole table at once with full-field damage effects, discard, sacrifice effects and so on. Sometimes known as ‘Group Slug’, this is the evil twin of Group Hug. This week, we do a rundown on playing the bad guy and how to make it work.


42:47 to 1:07:20: Red Ones Go Faster: There’s a lot of talk on how red sucks, but Calvin wanted to defend the best colour’s honour. So we did a red tech segment. See if you catch the scarlet fever after this!

Calvin’s picks:

Tried and True: Dragon Broodmother, Cyclops Gladiator
Needs Investigation: Charmbreaker Devils

Chris’ picks:

Tried and True: Ruination, Shattering Pulse
Needs Investigation: Hellrider

Andy’s picks:

Tried and true: Smash, Pulse of the Forge.
Needs Investigation: Flayer of the Hatebound

Cassidy’s picks:

Tried and True: Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Wild Ricochet
Needs Investigation: Markov Blademaster

1:07:45 to 1:29:20: Chris’ Stupid Card Thing/Bad Cards We Love: On Off-Color, they do a segment called Chris’ Stupid Card Thing. Chris presents a truly awful card (usually a la Lilting Refrain) to the team and they give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. This week we combine it with Bad Cards We Love for a crossover event you don’t want to miss.

Andy’s card is Breath of Fury, scoring three thumbs up. FLAWLESS VICTORY

Calvin’s card is Liar’s Pendulum, scoring a thumbs up and two thumbs down. GAME LOSS (flippin coinz)

Cassidy’s card is Zuberi, Golden Feather, scoring two thumbs up and a thumbs down. NARROW VICTORY

Christian’s card is Mogg Assassin, scoring three thumbs up. FLAWLESS VICTORY


1:29:36 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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