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CommanderCast goes international for the first episode in Audience Appreciation Month, kicking things off with special guest Thomas from all the way in New Zealand. Using advanted intertron spacetime distortion technologies (like Skype and the world clock), we have connected and recorded another explosive round of the audioscape adventure into the uncharted bowels of EDH. For the duration of audience appreciation month, all topics covered on the show will be audience-suggested, so if you sent me a topic like eight months ago… I’ve been working towards it, trust me.

Beyond that, we have a grand old time in this episode as Thomas turns out to be an OG from across the sea (note the illest rhymes on record). With myself drunk at the helm, Byron and Brionne act as stabilizing elements and our fearsome foursome lay science upon all manner of EDH topics that our audience have requested coverage of.

Oh yeah plus that whole Season 5 Contest thing that’s still happening. You could look into it, or not. Whatever (LOOK INTO IT).

Don’t forget we’re in the planning phases for our next towering Call-Inferno as well! If you want to make the jump from the audience into the cipher of CommanderCast’s next audience-interactive recording, read this page and send me an e-mail!

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 05:20: Intro: It’s a show and we’re talking on it. But wait… who’s talking, and about what?


05:31 to 21:26: Free-For-All Roundtable: Second Place: An e-mail from my man Simon presents the following query:

“Is there any honour/glory in anything except winning? Is there really a second, third and so on, or is there just winner and non-winners? This makes a difference to the endgame plays in a big way, I have been finding out.”
You know how the Roundtable goes. All you need to do is throw the smallest amount of provocation in there and it’s FIGHT TIME. So how do we feel about ‘coming in second’. Is it even a thing? Can it ever be?

21:37 to 38:41: Doucheology: We back with more Douchebags for your consideration. On Doucheology, we take various varieties of Douches, indentify them, dissect them, and try to provide remedies to their behaviour. This week we have two Grade-A game-wreckers for your listening pleasure:

  • “Why Me!?” Guy: This personality is couresy of Andrew, who brings “Why Me!?” Guy to the table because of his frustration with players who get so angry because you blew up thier Seedborn Muse or Palinchron, countered their Turnabout, and so on. He sees conspiracies everywhere and never understands why people are ‘ganging up on him’.
  • “Mr. Clean”: Suggested by Chris, this is the guy who keeps mashing the nuclear sweeper option at the slightest provocation. “oh no birds of paradise theres no time DECREE OF ANNHILATION” You can also consider this douche the guy who acts like keepign the parking brake on for the forward momentum of your games.


38:56 to 54:06: Force Recon: A topic suggestion by perrenial favourite GU Doug, we’re going to examine the value of collecting hidden information. In other formats, a card like Duress is valuable because of the discard effect and huge mass of information it gleans. In Commander, how valuable is this kind of knowledge? How heavily can it influence your gameplan, and is it worth going out of your way to look for it? Spying techniques, mnemonics, and more.


54:24 to 1:12:34: Don’t Wreck Yourself: Guest Thomas brought up this gem:

“At the moment I’m pretty interested in how a lot of cards people hate are really just a function of terrible play/deck building on there behalf. Cards like Ruination, Insurrection, Iona, Shield of Emeria, etc.”

So, this week we’re going to discuss some of the most backbreaking cards in Commander and how they might just be hated because you’re letting them wreck you. How can you keep from putting yourself in that kind of position? What cards are the worst offenders?

Byron’s Card: Sundering Titan

Andy’s Card: Vicious Shadows

Thomas’ Card: Jester’s Cap

Brionne’s Card: Gaddock Teeg

1:12:55 to 1:32:24: Prepackaged: Isochron Scepter: It’s a new segment inspired by listener Neil’s suggestion! In Prepackaged, we look at common ‘package’ setups and design some new, less common ones. This week we tackle a card with a checkered past but incredible potential at Neil’s request: Isochron Scepter!

“What I mean by “package” is a set of CMC 2 or less instants that are worth playing without the Scepter, but with the Scepter, the cheap instants become relatively powerful. I know of cards like Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Vampiric Tutor, etc. that would make up of the package, but what other cards would go really well with Isochron Scepter that most players might not know of? Also, how large would the package need to be? I’ve always wanted to use Isochron Scepter, but I’ve never figured out how to implement it effectively.”

Don’t worry, Neil. We’re on deck to suggest some lesser-known Isochron Scepter targets and we’re also going to speak on how much overall support you need to include to make the Scepter work.

Recommended support cards: Voltaic Key, Leonin Abunas, Indomidable Archangel, Fabricate, Argigivan Find
Thomas Suggests: Tolarian Winds, Orim’s Chant/Silence
Byron Suggests: Fire/Ice, Hide/Seek
Brionne Suggests: Blossoming Wreath, Trickbind
Andy Suggests: Tangle, Invulnerability


1:32:44 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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