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Thirteen episodes of this, and surely we’re all ready for a break. It’s CommanderCast’s season finale for the sixth time! For this recording we were tragically one short as power failures ravaged D-Money’s gilded palace, but we still recorded an episode because it seemed like the right thing to do. Brionne and Sean joined me for a podcast where we decide to take this set of episodes into the sunset with one of the most diverse ranges of topics possible, including a mailbag segment and our first-ever Tryhard Entourage.

During the transition between seasons, I will be working out the exact means of distributing CommanderCast T-shirts for this year’s Gifts Given charity drive. Before we even get started with any other details, I’d like to thank my bank for being a fucking useless bureaucratic obstacle in this endeavour. With that flash of bitterness out of the way, I will be spending a lot of time in the next three weeks organizing a way to get a pimp-ass t-shirt for a good cause onto your body. There’s no way for me to guarantee I can have everything in place for the start of season 7 but I’ll do what I can.

Anyway, thirteen episodes later, I’m more tired of my own voice than ever and I’m sure most of y’all are too.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 02:37: Introduction: Podcast time, with people!


02:52 to 22:21: Cardboard Kings: I get a lot of doucheology requests, but after a while I get sick of ‘oh this dude is such a dick lets make fun of his bitch ass kekekeke’. This week we turn the tables with the anti-doucheology, Cardboard Kings! Presenting shining examples to the rest of the Commander community, these individuals present positive personality archetypes that help hold up any playgroup–and some of them don’t even play!

As with Doucheology, if you have Cardboard Kings you’d like to suggest for discussion, feel free to send them in or leave a comment!

  • Tolerant Significant Other: All three podcasters on this show have been blessed with a life partner who doesn’t just tolerate their card game-related horseshit, but also actively participates in it from time to time. Even if you don’t have a deal THAT sweet, it’s important to acknowledge the difference a tolerant significant other makes to playgroups everywhere.
  • Deck Lending Guy: When a new player stumbles upon a Commander game in full swing, you’re much more likely to pick up a new player if you have the Deck Lending Guy on hand. This is the dude who is carrying a bunch of decks and makes sure anybody with a passing interest can play, and subsequently leads to significant group growth.
  • Graceful Loser: Given only one person can win the game (usually), having a bunch of salty-ass losers in your playgroup can really drag it down. The graceful losers make a gaming environment much more enjoyable, keep the arms racing element to a minimum, and overall tend to be the flip side of the ‘professional EDH player’.
  • The EDH-friendly LGS Owner: We can’t all play in our friends mansions, so it’s important to give credit to the many excellent LGS staff and operators who let us play our stupid game in their store.

20:40 to 50:25: Mailbag: I get a lot of mail but sometimes I don’t feel like answering it all, so I use it as a cheap way to get some free content for the podcast. While the first bit of that statement is pretty much entirely untrue, the second part isn’t (it’s not ‘cheap’ I guess). In any case, in this grab-bag segment we’ll be covering a wide array of topics sent in to us over time. Discussion includes:

  • Recurring Nightmare vs Deadeye Navigator
  • Do life totals matter?
  • When is it appropriate to raise rules questions?
  • What is the line between degeneracy vs value?
  • How far do people go to protect their cards?
  • Are some cards coming out that are too big to be fun in Commander?


50:42 to 1:12:19: Balance of Answers: How many ‘answer’ cards do your decks need? A lot of people speak on the importance of making sure your deck can deal with all kinds of threats, but you also need to win. In this segment Andy discusses the notion that a lot of decks should actually be engineered to sit on a continuum; aggressive decks should have less answers, forcing opponents to respond to them, and control decks should go heavier on the reactive cards. The differences and uses between sweeps and spot removal, instances and sorceries, expense vs cantrips, and more are all covered.


1:12:34 to 1:37:09: Tryhard Entourage: Ertai, the Corrupted: A Commander with the words ‘counter target spell’ right on the card? What a dick! This week we take a look at what I feel is probably one of the most underplayed Commanders with potential to be legitimately good, Ertai, the Corrupted. The later edition of this little prick, our Corrupted One will be taking the helm of our first-ever tryhard Entourage, where the initial component isn’t BAD so much as just under-represented. Given a lot of our entourage decks end up being¬†diabolical nightmarish¬†beasts anyway, I figured we’d see where a Commander with more obvious potential could take things.

…we go to a dark place with this deck.


Sean’s Suggestions: Lifeline, Mimic Vat, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

Brionne’s Suggestions: Academy Rector, Archon of Justice, Aura Thief

Andy’s Suggestions: Thornbite Staff & Hell’s Caretaker, Vela the Night-Clad, Twilight Drover


  1. Combo of any Esper variety, using Ertai, the Corrupted to protect the combo. Good example would be the Power Artifact+Basalt Monolith+wincon
  2. Aikido-style reversal-oriented deck with stuff like Guile.
  3. Enchantment-based Voltron?


1:37:22 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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