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If you’re not tired of hearing people drone on about fantasy trading card games, then you’re come back to the right poisoned well. CommanderCast ignites the noise-pollution belching, words-spewing multimedia blitz of FILTH that is season seven. For this onslaught of EDH-related oration I am joined by a classic crew setup. Byron, Carlos and Donovan have taken up mics to join a crusade of knowledge, wisdom, experience and entertainment that rampages across the audioscape as we delve into a bunch of different topics, ranging from the introduction of new format staples to a return to Secret Tech.

As we burss into action with another cycle of content product, I can tell you some pretty whoop-ass items are on the agenda for the near future. “Andy, what STUPID ideas are you hyping up now?” Well, we’re going to do a long-requested episode focused on Duel Commander, including a very special guest. There’s going to be approximately one million new pieces of content, including two new authors (one of whom you already know) and one returning from hiatus. There might even be some kind of contest. Oh, and these (FOR THE CHILDREN):

…so I guess, in summary, shit be bangin’

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 07:09: Introduction: Just what is this STUPID show about anyway? Who’s on it?


07:22 to 22:17: Free-For-All Roundtable: Extra Staples: With each set we seem to get a few new cards introduced to Commander that scould be considered ‘staples’, which for some people means more good cards to choose from and for others signals the format being pushed further and further towards homogenization. Here we discuss how we feel about the upswing in very playable EDH cards printed in recent sets and whether we feel they make deckbuilding too cookie-cutter, easier for new players, and so on.

22:33 to 47:42: Hopes And Fears: Yearly Commander Product: At Comic-Con WotC announced they will be jumping on the Commander bandwagon until it breaks by releasing a yearly Commander-centric product. We don’t know much about this while endeavour, which creates fertile grounds for baseless speculation and discussion. What are we hoping to see in these products? What do we think would be the worst possible outcomes? How do we feel about Wizards becoming more interested in monetizing EDH?


48:00 to 1:01:48: Winning Friends and Influencing People: As D-Money so eloquently puts it, politics are probably the MOST important element of multiplayer strategy. In this segment, we discuss some political strategies to make yourself friends in-game and keep the target off your back. What kind of behaviours have won political favour and made people friendlier to suggestion? What are the worst things you can do to paint a bullseye on yourself?

1:02:03 to 1:19:01: Gimmicks: What exactly is a ‘gimmick’ in the context of Magic, and what purpose do they serve? In this strategy segment, we break down the definition of ‘gimmick’ and then discuss their applications. What use can a deck or strategy have for a few tacked-on gimmicks? Why implement these fragile, weird, and often over-complex systems into your deck instead of something proven?


1:19:16 to 1:41:26: Super Secret Tech: We back up in here wit dat tech son. All four of us season one originals are dropping three new gems off in the Secret Tech vault before vanishing, never to be seen again. One common, uncommon, and rare apiece.

Andy Suggests: Hindering Light, Pain Magnification, and Tainted Aether

Byron Suggests: Totem-Guide Hartebeest, Manriki-Gusari, Sigil of the New Dawn

Carlos Suggests: Zealot Il-vec, Blood Artist, Horobi, Death’s Wail

Donovan: Prey Upon, Sylvan Scrying, Arena


1:48:40 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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