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It started out innocently enough but at some point, this beast took on a mind of it’s own.

I’m referring, of course, to our final segment this week. Spoiler alert: Karona, False God Entourage goes big. Big enough that it becomes the first-ever MEGA-ENTOURAGE [explosion]. For more, just listen to the podcast.

Oh yeah, and the rest of it is pretty good too. I tagged in my man Chad from Commander Shenanigans and then also summoned up two of CommanderCast’s mightiest warriors, Sean and Brionne, to throw dirty fire into this cipher. The four of us go over the now-standard wide range of largely audience-suggested topics. We discuss ban-ability of cards and their availability, Sharuum the Hegemon, and also give Chad a little time to pimp his jam before we take it into the Karona joint.

Be sure to tune in next week for our first and only episode entirely devoted to the 1v1 Duel Commander, as well as a special extra podcast dropping on Tuesday.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 03:25: Introduction: them thannnnngs


03:37 to 16:31: Free-For-All Roundtable: Accessibility and Ubiquity: There are some cards that are obnoxiously powerful but aren’t banned. Your Mishra’s Workshops and Gaea’s Cradles; your Land Equilibrium and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vales.  It seems they’re awfully awesome… maybe too awesome. But they aren’t banned. In this segment, we discuss whether we think these cards might be banned if they were more accessible and thus more players were exposed to them frequently.

18:24 to 19:58: Community Spotlight: Commander Shenanigans: Chad is running a blog where he organizes his thoughts on Commander deckbuilding and shares his process with the world. Check out Commander Shenanigans!


20:12 to 34:55: Commander Profile: Sharuum the Hegemon: One of the most popular and powerful Commanders out there, Sharuum is sort of the complete package for multiplayer EDH. Recursion, a strong body, evasion, plus the ‘Esper syndrome’ all add up to make Sharuum into an extremely strong leader for your deck, whether this is your first build or you’re a seasoned tryhard. In this topic, we give an overview of how Sharrum rolls with three people who have played with her (everyone but me). At the end of this segment, maybe you’ll be thinking she’s the greatest Commander ever, and hey, maybe she is.


35:12 to 1:12:37: Mega-Entourage: Karona, False God: Regular Entourage is pretty good, I guess. But to spice things up for a very special lady this week, we celebrated our first five-colour Entourage by executing the first Mega-Entourage. Towards this end, we ALL came up with a deck idea for Karona and then made a few suggestions for cards you can add to the deck, along with a quick outline of how the deck will work and what it should play like. Now you have four rough deck outlines that you can build with Karona at the helm.

  • Andy’s Deck Suggestion: W/U/R/g/b Pillowfort: In this deck, you want to apply affects that buff Karona and discourage people from attacking you with Karona. Your goal is to emphasize Karona’s time on-board by funneling people into attacking your opponents in quick succession.
  • Chad’s Deck Idea: Changeling Tribal: Chad wants to exploit Karona’s ability to buff creature types by focusing on the Changelings. This means you’ll be playing an awesome aggressive deck where Karona is driving the Changlings to devastating alpha strikes.
  • Brionne’s Deck Concept: Group Hug: By making yourself helpful to your opponents, Brionne’s scheme is to keep you in the game and provide your opponents with resources that will help accelerate everyone to their demis e.
  • Sean’s Idear: Domain/Sunburst: what is this i dont even



1:12:50 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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