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This week on CommanderCast we’re joined by a unique guest: Eric, the administrator of the service PucaTrade. Why does this matter? Well, we’ve never had a guest on the show that I can recall who is here because they provide an actual service to the audience. I guess you could argue that CommanderCast itself is a service but whatever. Eric runs his own site with no advertising or any other such gibberish, despite absorbing a (presumably) considerable cost up front for it. This is unto itself is admirable. PucaTrade itself is something that I think is uniquely beneficial to the Commander crowd, because we don’t want to spend a bunch of time pissing around trying to trade for individual cards from Mirage (necessarily). But I’ll recommend you go and check the site out itself, or listen to the show. If you’re not sold after that, well, you never will be.

…regardless of Eric’s service, he’s also an experienced Commander player and was a much-appreciated guest. Also on deck with me for this week’s episode is long-time CommanderCast contributor Brionne, the author of Line in the Sand, and one other…

So, on top of that, it’s also totally important to note that this week marks the beginning of Gifts Given 2012. The means you can start picking up the new, super-duper swag shirts by ordering them from me and picking up an estimate on how much they’re going to cost. Every shirt includes a donation to charity and if you want, you can give extra monies to the charity too. You can even chalk up those donations to selfish ulterior motives, since they get you extra raffle tickets for our Super Secret Mystery Prizes.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:26: Introduction: Hey guys it’s internet radio, how sweet is that


04:40 to 19:31: Diversity Training: This week we’re discussing a topic suggested by Phil via e-mail; the number of colours we like to put into a deck and why. Phil sparks the topic with this little diddy:

“I find that I enjoy my bicolored decks more than my tricolored in general, from both a deck-building and gameplay perspective – they’re more consistent in mana but from a personal enjoyment point of view, I just find them easier to keep on theme. I’m not sure I really miss having that third mass of cards to choose from either, as it’s usually a tyrrany of choice – with that color’s pet cards quickly shoving out cards that would have made for a more unique and differentiated deck experience.”

So where do we all fall on the spectrum? Personally, I like two colours lately, but let’s be honest, nobody gives a shit what I think so let’s go to the panel for this one.

19:37 to 29:07: Community Spotlight: PucaTrade: Eric’s created a new way to trade cards online with his service PucaTrade.

29:19 to 50:50: Deck Stylists: At Eric’s request, we’re going to discuss the idea of ‘style’ as it pertains to the construction of deck building, card evaluation, and so on. How does our perspective influence the type of decks we build and how we play them? We also look at the process of self-analysis, learning from others, and paying attention to our own biases on cards and archetypes. What’s the value in stepping outside the boundaries we’re comfortable in? Why is important to understand your own likes and dislikes as it building decks goes?


51:01 to 1:06:42: Planeswalker Strategy: Listener Daniel asked me to discuss Planeswalkers, so here we are. While I think in a meta-sense Planeswalkers are one of the worst things ever to happen to Magic as a game, I certainly find them effective to have in-game on my side. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t think Planeswalkers are all that great in Commander, but I disagree. In this topic we discuss the way we view Planeswalkers in Commander and how the multiplayer environment influences their effectiveness.


1:06:55 to 1:36:25: HELP MY BROTHER OUT: Brandon played Magic way back in the day. I’m not talking about some Shadowmoor shit. I’m referring to a guy who owns no cards printed after Mirage block.

Please leave any recommendations you can make to Brandon in the comments section so he can see them easily.


1:36:37 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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