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This week we went to Shauku’s House for another Entourage segment featuring everyone’s… uh… worst vampire in their collection, Shauku, Endbringer. It was out in the middle of nowhere, not many people were around, and we left feeling worse than ever, but we still did it. Accompanying me for this trip into regret and sorrow were Imshan, Justin and very special guest Dave Lee aka Derfington aka Mr. Durdling Around aka The Grand Imperial Celestial Archduke of Pimpology and Lord of All The Arts. We also did some stuff other than the Shauku thing, so I guess you shouldn’t necessarily just skip to that and then turn off your media player.

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Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.



00:00 to 03:52: Introduction: REAL TALK


04:04 to 16:20: FFART: Ideal Number of Players: Joe asked that we weigh in on what we consider the ideal number of players for a Commander game, so in this segment we discuss it. Anything from three to seven players is fair game. We also touch on the importance of more players for making variants workable, logistics in large games, and more.

16:33 to 18:45: Community Spotlight: Nerd Alert!: My man Plexico is running a very nifty blog aptly titled ‘Nerd Alert!’, where he discusses deckbuilding, strategy, and other stuff related to Commander. Three times a week he releases a new piece of writing.

19:01 to 45:02: Return of the Real: Old stuff. Wizards loves to bring it back, and we love to shovel money in their direction for doing it. This week, we discuss some old tyme mechanics we’d like to see make another return specifically with Commander in mind (perhaps the Commander 2013 product?). Keywords, tribes, abilities, and core rules are all up for discussion. I originally wanted to say “bring back 5th edition rules” but everyone threatened me.

  • Justin says to bring back spellshapers (a la Balloon Peddler, only good this time), and would like to see Threshold revised to Threshold: X, allowing different threshold values.
  • Andy says they could do affinity right (like Dross Golem), and thinks Banding could see a do-over.
  • Dave’s keen for Level Up (in the style of Transcendent Master) making a comeback. He thinks Rampage is due for another look too.
  • According to Imshan, Prowl (see Notorious Throng) can make a comeback and Regenerate needs a rework.


45:18 to 58:49: Archetype Rundown: Mill: In this segment we decide to tackle dedicated ‘mill’ decks in Commander. These are decks that win by placing an opponent’s decks into the graveyard and then forcing them to draw a card from an empty library. While you could probably consider a lot of combo decks ‘mill’ decks, that’s not really the same thing. A dedicated mill deck will have a significant number of cards devoted to flipping libraries into graveyards, instead of just having a Blue Sun’s Zenith and infinite mana combo and so on. In any case, we talk about the uphill battle mill decks face and how you can try to put your decks in gear to win.

Good luck, sucker!


59:04 to 1:13:44: Entourage: Shauku, Endbringer: Warning: this bitch a trap son. This week we’re building a deck around one of the worst legends suggested yet. It was Imshan’s idea, not mine, I swear. Anyway, it’s a bad Commander that looks at least fringe playable for hipsters, so you know we have to do it.


1:13:57 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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