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Howdy there, folks! I know you’re all disappointed that Andy’s gone, and quite frankly, I am too. But the show must go on! I know we’ve had a small delay, but we’re back, and there’s no stopping us now! …unless you all decided I’m just not a good host, but let’s give that some time so I can find my groove, shall we?

Today we got Sean, Brionne, and Norbert jumping on this sinking ship and they’re going to help me get my feet wet as I dive head first into the shallow end of this podcasting pool.

As always, show notes, links, and download link are below…..kinda.

I am having some MAJOR problems figuring out how to get the link up because WordPress won’t let me upload any more than 7MB up at a time. In the mean time, I DID find a place where I can put the episode. You’ll have to go there to download it.

EDIT: Thanks a TON to my guy, CaptainRedZone aka Calvin. He was able to set us up with the links and whatnot so that you don’t have to go anywhere else for this week’s episode. Guy’s always got my back.






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00:00 to 03:50: Introductions: Starting off with the usual suspects, plus one guest

Recorded on: Jan 8, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


04:02 to 06:14: Community Spotlight: Norbert’s one of the hosts on the Jinxed Idols podcast. They’re kind of a cross between Off-Color Cast and Monday Night Magic, partially because they share a host.

06:42 to 21:49: How Many Decks is Too Much: Although it varies from group to group, some people just love building decks. Sometimes it goes too far. There’s a big time and money investment that goes into making these decks (sometimes). How many decks do you have, and where do you draw the line for “too much”?

  • William has 26 different decks, but only because he’s compulsive about having one for each color combination and doesn’t mind using sub-optimal cards.
  • Brionne + Sean have (comparatively) far fewer decks because they focus on optimization and pimping.
  • Norbert’s tried pimping out his decks, but stopped part way through.

22:17 to 35:23: Avoiding the Hate: Some people already have decks that don’t work at all when the hate is on them, though. Decks that rely on everybody smacking each other before stealing the late game die pretty quickly when they’re constantly under fire. Is it better to play them, then switch out before they’re ineffective so they can play the game they want, or should this force them to rework their deck into something faster than they want?

35:52 to 1:01:36: Retro Cycle Review – Guildmasters of Olde: We’re going to take a look at the previous guildmaster cards that correspond to the new Ravnica block and fight over how we rank them:

Which ones deserve to be on top, and which one need to hit the trash heap? YOU decide!

1:01:57 to 1:16:54: Pre-Packaged segment – Lurking Predators: My man Leo’s suggested this, so we’re packing more into this card than it can handle (or can it?).

William: Congregation at Dawn, Reclaim (and Noxious Revival), Draining Whelk (and Mystic Snake)
Sean: Footbottom Feast (and it’s functional copies Gravepurge, and Bone Harvest), Brutalizer exarch, Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
Bronne: Soothsaying, Liliana Vess (TECHNICALLY A RARE AT ONE POINT I GUESS)
Norbert: Haunted Crossroads, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Elemental Augury

Cream of the Crop is also pretty good for this.

1:17:14 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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Norbert: E-Mail: Norbert88(at)gmail(dot)com // Twitter: (at)Norbert88

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