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Hello everyone! This is Calvin coming at you this week with the show notes. Due to some very busy moments and side projects in the real, William left this to me this week. So this week, we are going over some of the recently spoiled cards from the new Commander 2013 product (at the time of recording anyway). We also go over the Return to Ravinca set review for Azorius with our very own Commandercast writer, Chris.

As always, show notes below the Ib!


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Community: Look what Wizards done!


We go over a brief discussion of three of the recently revealed Commanders from the new product. We spend most of our time is this segment talking about the product in general, personal feelings about the way WoTC is creating cards that have effects that deal directly with the command zone.



Strategy: Deck tech Hospital!

Here we go away from the general discussion and into the many and various ways these cards will be of use in the format. We go over three of the reveal commanders and a few ideas on how to use them.

Tech: Azorius (some highlights)

It is time to go into the Blue/White guild of RTR. We go over a few cards we have spent time with, have seen, or are over all just fun or powerful. We do talk about the guildmage, the charm, a legendary sphinx,  a group of bookkeepers, the judgement of a sphinx, an uncounterable board wiper, and a few others.



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