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Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Commandercast!! This week, we have our own inside funny man Eric as we talk about Voltron decks!

Suit up


We talk about some Journey things, the different advantages and disadvantages of Aura and Equipment based deck, the many and various Commanders you can use…. Hell we even have Eric giving you three Non-Commander cards to use as Voltron in your deck… FOR EVERY COLOR!!


All this and more is waiting for you on this weeks episode!!





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Episode 2: Voltron, Voltron, HOOOOOOO


Commandercast season 13 Episode 2


April 18th 2014



Eric – Rival’s Duel Podcast host

Favorite Commander:


Eric: Prossh



Journey into Nyx spoilers!


Gods: Pharika + Athreos

Community: Voltron: The Power of One


We discuss an overview on Voltron and our thoughts regarding it as a play style, it’s appeal, etc


Favorite Generals:


Eric – Isamaru


Calvin – Uril


William – Sigarda


Zur, Rafiq, Uril are the most feared of voltron generals.

Strategy:Suiting up for Success


I want to use this segment to talk about Aura voltrons and Equipment voltrons, highlight the differences and keys to both.


Auras – Bruna,


Equipment – Kemba,


Faith’s Reward

Technology:Voltron Back-ups


We’re each going to talk about some of the cards we consider to be good back-up creatures to use in a voltron deck

White: Stonehewer Giant, Sublime Archangel, Mirran Crusader


Blue: Archetype of Imagination, Cephalid Constable, Invisible Stalker


Black: Bitterblossom, Reassembling Skeleton, Phyrexian Obliterator


Red: Pyreheart Wolf, Cyclops Gladiator, Hellkite Charger


Green: Champion of Lambolt, Spawnwrithe, Kalonian Hydra



William – Email: Commandercast(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)Commandercast


Calvin – Email: captainredzone(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)captainredzone


Eric – Email: ericbonvie(at)gmail(dot)com // twitter: (at)thatbonvieguy

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