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If you don’t know already, one of my goals here at Commandercast is to incite discussion and debate among our readers, listeners, and heaps of fans. Sometimes, however, a debate so great rages up between Commandercast staff that we have to duke it out, on air, in front of everyone.


This is one of those times.


Today, we’re joined by Eric of (Vexing) Devil’s Advocate who’s prepared to enter the ring with me as we smackdown over the Maelstrom Wanderer. Speaking of smackdowns, we’re also bringing back COMMANDER SMACKDOWN! Tonight’s feature match-up: Ghave vs. Animar. Don’t you miss it!

Maybe if you check out the show notes, you’ll see some cute little doodles I’m experimenting with.
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00:00 to 11:15: Introductions

Recorded on: June 4, 2013


Eric’s Favorite Commander: Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
Community Segment: 12:29 – 31:35

“ASSEMBLING THE PLAYERS”: Influential people in your playgroup:

Metaman – this guy knows how to change up everyone’s decks by playing in a style they’re not accustomed to.

Control for a combo-meta, aggro for battlecruiser, and MASS LAND DESTRUCTION for outrageous ramps.

Strategy Segment: 32:50 – 1:14:05

Commander Spotlight: Maelstrom Wanderer


1) Who in your group plays Maelstrom?

E: Competitive players who play him on turn three.

W: Myself and several other players who play good stuff, cascade, or battle cruiser.

2) What do you want to see cascaded into most?

E: You DON’T want to see titans or any other number of wrath effects.

W: I LOVE seeing other cascade spells, dudes that trigger with creatures entering the battlefield (like Fathom Mage) or Animar, Soul of Elements

3) When is the best time to cast the Maelstrom Wanderer?

E: As soon as possible. The value is too good to pass priority.

W: Same.

4) Why should you play with the Maelstrom Wander?

E: You SHOULDN’T because he gets hated way too much because of the value he makes.

W: You SHOULD because he is one of the most flexible power generals and you can do literally ANYTHING with him.

Technology Segment: 1:15:10 – 1:40:02

Commandercast Smackdown!

Ghave, Guru of Spores Vs. Animar, Soul of Elements

It’s the battle between accidental combo enablers! Who’s walking away from this one alive? Which one is better, stronger, and much more fun to play? We debate.

Who has the worst reputation?


Who has stronger colors?


Who combos off more easily/worse?


Who wins a head-to-head matchup?


Who’s the better general?


1:40:12 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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