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For a lot of people, Planeswalkers are the icons of Magic. For some, they represent the moment that Magic got a new fangled card type that ruined the game. Regardless, these guys are here to stay and travel with us from plane to plane.

I, personally, love planeswalkers but a recent discussion with my girlfriend has left me wondering just what it is about planeswalkers that people like about them.

Also in the que, we’ve got Calvin reporting in on how well the Azorius mechanics play together.

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00:00 to 12:11: Introductions

Recorded on: June 4, 2013


Brian’s Favorite Commander: Kresh, the bloodbraided
Community Segment: 13:06 – 45:47

Favorite planeswalker

William: Elspeth Tirel

Calvin: Tezzeret the Seeker

Brian: Ajani Goldmane


Strategy Segment: 46:11 – 1:02:58

Captain’s Call – Forecast/Detain

Blink detaining dudes, use small detain dudes to feed forecast

Writ of Passage works well as a forecast on dudes you want to blink.

The shadows play here!


Technology Segment:  1:03:48 – 1:32:17

Retrocycle review with:


Ajani Goldmane


Jace Beleren


Liliana Vess


Chandra Nalaar


Garruk Wildspeaker
1:32:35 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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