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Sometimes things just happen. Getting into arguments with your playgroup happens from time to time, but the solution might be easier than you think if it’s the same problem we’ve had in the past. PLAY MORE ANSWERS FOLKS.


Also in the que, we’re looking at Kaho, Minamo Historian in our first entourage of the season.

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00:00 to 10:00: Introductions

Recorded on: June 4, 2013


Nole’s Favorite General: Momir Vig, Simic Visionary


Community Segment: 10:33 – 24:04

You can’t always expect the blue player answer every threat at the table. Who’s job is it to deal with what?

It’s NOT the blue player’s job to handle everything!

Brittle Effigy is a card as are most artifacts!

Every color should have answers to things they destroy best!


Strategy Segment: 25:02 – 50:34


Value over time vs. value now. Phyrexian arena vs. Promise of Power

Value now effects:

Usually better in faster metas

Can include ETB effect creatures

Value over time:

Better in slower metas

Help you go for the long game

Technology Segment: 51:41 – 1:28:27

Strategy: toolbox general,

Kaho Entourage!

William: Meditate, Lunar Mystic, Spellkite

Calvin: Eye of the Storm, Chancellor of the Spires, Backslide (for morph creatures)

Nole: Apprentice Wizard, Aphetto Alechemist, Unifying Theory

Thousand-year Elixir

A whole slew of arcane/splice onto arcane spells


BFF’s with Talrand, Sky Summoner
1:28:40 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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