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00:00 to 10:54: Introductions

Recorded on: June 4, 2013


Dave’s favorite general this week: Captain Sisay


Community Segment: 11:31 – 33:04

How should someone go about changing a meta that’s littered with Maelstrom Wanderers? I love this guy, but sometimes it’s a little too much.

Land destruction

Hate the player, not the Wanderer

Tech may not be enough


Strategy Segment: 33:49 – 54:59

Toolboxing, what should you pack and how do you know when to use it?

Definition of toolboxing:

What cards are toolbox, and which ones are “just tutors”

Survival of the fittest – kinda of a “catch all” tutor

Birthing pod – Choose your own adventure kinda card, but not tooly boxy enough

Stoneforge mystic – totes a tool box

Technology Segment: 56:28 – 1:31:13

Awesome Toolboxing Commanders (in no particular order):

1) Captain Sisay

2) Kaho, Minamo Historian

3) Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

4) Isperia the Inscrutable

5) Zur the Enchanter

6) Godo, Bandit Warlord

7) Sliver Overload

8) Arcum Dagsson

9) Iname as One

10 Iname, Death Aspect

11) Higure, the Still Wind

Favorite tool box cards:

William: Sunforger, Firemind’s Foresight

Dave: Knight of the Reliquary, Wild Research

Calvin: Artificer’s Intuition, Wild Pair
1:33:32 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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