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Occasionally, we like to do a little cross-pollinating with other blogs. Today is such a time.

Kendall of the Kitchen Finks Podcast joins us today as we discuss the transition between 60-card casual and the mighty 100-card singleton.

But since everyone just got back from a mighty M14 pre-release, how about we geek out over some of the new cards? I don’t know about you, but Expert Arcanist looks pretty Megazord-principle to me in a good Kaho deck!
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00:00 to 15:26: Introductions

Recorded on: July 9, 2013


Kendall’s favorite general: Geist of Saint Traft






Community Segment: 16:04 – 38:50

You try and get someone into Commander just to watch them get blown out by a combo or a landlock or some other horrendous thing. Now they don’t want to play ever again. How can we help them?

Strategy Segment: 39:31 – 58:23

When building a 100-singleton, you might experience different things than the 60-card casual formats will show you. How can we get people to try this larger format and make the switch?

Technology Segment: 59:31 – 1:28:38

We’re talking and speculating about some of the cards that are coming out with M14, and we’re super excited to try them out!

Cards we’re looking forward too:

William: Devout Invocation, Liliana’s Reaver

Calvin: Young PyromancerWindreader Sphinx

Kendall: Primeval Bounty, Encroaching Wastes

Home Version
1:33:50 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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