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You know, we’re not the only website that deals in Commander content believe it or not. Yes, sometimes we find other people who talk for hours on end about our favorite format. Cassidy and Mr. P are two such people.

In fact, they have entire columns and even their own podcast to talk about Commander! We’ve enlisted these two very special guests to help promote their show, talk about an interesting trend in the banlist, and showing off their three-cards deep!

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Recording Oct 23, 2013

Guest: Cassidy & Patrick of General Damage Control

Favorite Commander:

Cassidy – Zedruu the Greathearted

(Sheldon’s Ruhan deck that he’s talking about

Patrick – Stonebrow, Krosan Hero (R/G dinosaurs!!!)


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Community: The Ban List
Every so often, the topic of what should be banned comes up with people calling for the head of Omniscience, Sylvan Primordial, or what have you. But the Rules Committee hasn’t banned anything since Trade Secrets and has even unbanned a couple of cards. Are people just over reacting?
Possible idea: Letting cards be your commander, but not in your deck?
Strategy: Metagaming the meta game.

When people start putting cards into their deck specifically to answer yours, what can you do about it? The obvious answer is to put in answers of your own! We’re gonna take things even deeper by trying to think an extra step ahead of everyone else!
Evolution of decks in general: leads people to play hosers and what not as shaped by their personal meta
Technology: Three Cards Deep

On their home site, GDC has a recurring column they call “Three Cards Deep” where they showcase a card that’s super sweet, a similar card that’s really good but earns you all kinds of hate, and a third card that SHOULD work similarly, but just doesn’t get the job done.

Cassidy – Reanimation

The Rad – Rescue from the Underworld

The Bad – Sepulchral Primordial

The Sad – Living Death


Patrick – Things that Kill living things

The Rad – Echoing Decay

The Bad – Grave Pact

The Sad – Nim Deathmantle

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