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Hey there everybody! William here, and I’m sooo glad that Calvin could put in the extra hours to make sure this weeks episode was edited in time to make this work! Why, you might ask? Because this week, we’ve got Bennie Smith from Star City Games on with us, and he’s on to help us talk about and analyze the brand-spanking new Commander 2013 decks!

These bad boys are a lot more streamlined and focused than their 2011 counterparts, so we’re going to dive in and see if we can’t uncover the strategies and synergies/interactions that these decks have hidden away. I, for one, am very excited to be playing Derevi in less than a week’s time. I’ve been obsessively studying the list, and I seem to have stumbled upon some very interesting interactions for not just Derevi, but the other generals as well.

We’ll be touching “briefly” on how new sets and expansion products affect not just standard or legacy, but Commander as well. But let’s face it, you just want to hear us talk about the new cards, so we’ll be talking about the individual cards for our technology segment.

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Recording Oct 23, 2013

Guest: Bennie Smith!

Favorite Commander: Doran, the Siege Tower

Bennie’s EDH Primer


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Community: Shifting Metas with new sets!

Standard sets – generals

Return to Ravnica block added a slew of two-color generals that brought up the number of decks in their pairs. What are the gods going to do?
Hoser cards, enablers, and various other cards just set things up perfectly for new meta shifts and new strategies.
Strategy: First impressions/Analysis of the 2013 precon decks

Esper – Life gain into resources/cards. Artifact sub-theme with artifacts that feed into your life gain. The deck is built on incremental advantages to outlast everyone else.

Grixis – Jeleva is the main commander and I’m starting to see why. She casts big spells that you exile, say Army of the Damned and you use your mana to copy that spell to get a huge outburst. Alternatively, you use it to copy a bunch of draw spells with Nekusar out to burn everyone at the table.

Jund – Seems the most straightforward: It relies on sacing dudes to get various effects, not just for Prossh or Shattergang Brothers. The tokens get a lot of utility out of various effects and literally feed the deck for all of its engines.

Naya – The deck focuses primarily on builing up the size of your creatures and using them to run over everything else. Using Marath to build up his own size as well as everyone else plays well with Warstorm Surge effects.

Bant – This deck seems to really thrive with Derevi at the helm. A bunch of small, evasive guys will get through and set up your untap triggers. Then you can activate a tap effect before each trigger resolves to gain a massive advantage. Azami, Lady of Scrolls is one of a handful of wizards in the deck. But even by herself, with 3-5 triggers on the stack, she’ll be able to refill your hand and reward you for being aggressive. Not to mention the token producers or the Thornwind Faeries that ping stuff dead.

Technology: Commander 2013 Release Cards!

Reprints: Mirari, Nevinyrral’s Disk,

New cards:

Djinn of Infinite Deceits, Angel of Finality, Mystic Barrier, Primal Vigor, Sudden Demise, Tempt with Vengeance

Disappointments?: Spawning Grounds, Curse of the Forsaken



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