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Today is a special day folks. Today is the day that we come together to take on the momentous challenge that is, reviewing the Commander 2013 pre-constructed decks! But this task…there are so many cards! How can a lone pair of podcasters review the whole thing by themselves? Truth is, we can’t. Superman and Batman need some help here, and they know who the need to call. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to: The Commander Council.

378127_10150441621792624_1477312954_n    Eric Bonvie. Comedian, Canadian, and all around hard-ass. His competitive meta has molded this once soft and vulnerable man into a sculpted god of competitive EDH.

ohlookapicture Brian. Known for thinking “outside the box” a little too often, he serves as Commandercast underworld informant, constantly keeping his head down and his ears even lower, catching every whiff of Commander news that crops up.

 Specializing in alternate arms dealing, Chris B. scours the dredges of forgotten wasteland, salvaging gems and gold mines alike from the garbage we’ve all left behind. Also a connoisseur of fine art which he may or may not have found among the garbage.

90x90 nole Nole Clauson acts as the Strategic Defenisve Coordinator for the team, locating key points of position and scrambling the troops as necessary. Only he knows where everyone is at all times.


Now that we’ve brought this team together, it’s time to dive into this sucker and rip it a new one. LET’S GET IT.


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Recording Nov 6, 2013



Favorite Commander: oros teh avenger

Favorite Planeswalker: Venser

Favorite Commander: prossh

Favorite Planeswalker: Tibalt



Favorite Commander: Zur the enchanter

Favorite Planeswalker: N/A



Favorite Commander: Bobo enranged

Favorite Planeswalker: Tezzeret



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So far our prize pool includes:

ONE XL-sized Boros T-shirt, the kind that Wizards sells on their website, kindly donated by my local gameshop, Fog of Dusk.

4-5 Alters by Kayla aka Zeico! You can see her Magic art/card alters here.

More alters by Ward!


For every benchmark we reach, we’ll add more prizes to the pool!


Because the discussions were long on a mega level, we’ve provided some highlights for each deck.


Generals: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, Sydri Galvanic Genius, Sharuum the Hegemon

Overview: As far as life gain goes, it’s got great support and ways to turn that life into either resources or a means to outlast everyone or just hit people to death with cards like Ajani’s Pridemate. They’re good controlling cards that like to sit back and allow everyone else to fight while building an advantage. The artifact subtheme isn’t strong enough to consider Sydri as a good fit straight from the box, but Sharuum has enough power to bring back some key cards.

Generals: Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge, Nekusar, the Mindrazer, Thraximundar

Overview: Jeleva does what she’s supposed to by playing big spells for free, but straight out of the box, there really aren’t that many targets for her to hit. Nekusar, however, has great synergy and interactivity that allows him to quickly burn the table out while allowing everyone to play the game. Thraximundar is just a great general overall. Like Esper, the deck is very split over which general it wants to support more, so  you’ll do well to pick one before customizing it. Oh, and they may be rather hard to find due to some sort of new legacy hyped card or something.



Generals: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Shattergang Brothers, Sek’Kuar, Deathkeeper

Overview: Of the five decks, this is the one with the most focused game plan, and it’s brimming with synergies to the point of having a couple of infinite combos that Wizards may or may not have overlooked. Prossh is a beastly dragon that is extremely hard to deal with since he keeps coming back even stronger than before. Shattergang Brothers are surprisingly powerful at controlling the board to the point of keeping people locked out of creatures if you can keep giving them ammunition. Sek’Kuar has always been good, but it’s great to see him with some new art and a little more available to newer players. For newer players, this is probably the easiest deck to pilot straight out of the box.



Generals: Marath, Will of the Wild, Gahiji, Honored One, Mayael the Anima

Overview: This may be the single most confused deck of the five. There are only 22 creatures (to 35 other spells), and only 11 or so can be played with Mayael at the helm. She’s a great reprint, but it makes her rather ineffective as both the commander and as a part of the other 99. Marath on the other hand, can carry the deck by himself with his utility. Frequently our reviewer decided to play him rather than play something else because of his power. Gahiji has some nice political implications. We wish his power was just one value higher so he could benefit from the  “power 5 matters” theme of Naya, as well as be a solid three-turn clock on general damage, but he’s not bad by any means.



Generals: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, Roon of the Hidden Realm, Rubinia Soulsinger

Overview: This deck has no power to end the game with. Most EDH decks have a good, strong finisher to help them close out a game, but this deck lacks that. It truly takes a master tactician like Derevi to figure out how to win most games, and she can carry the entire deck on her shoulders. Her ability to keep coming back is great for players who like having a constant cost playing into their strategy and her tap/untap ability enables all sorts of shenanigans. Roon is a very strong blink general, but don’t overlook that his ability is pseudo-removal as well. Rubinia might seem bad, but being able to steal your opponent’s creatures one at a time is also pseudo-removal and gives you that big finisher you need.


Individual cards cycles

Curses – It’s great to see these get some more support. They’re cute and in the right deck, they can probably enable all sorts of cool synergies. The jury is still out on them.

Opal Palace – If you plan on casting your general multiple times, it’s a great add-in for most any deck.

Portal reprints – These were fantastic value cards to help newer players and non-collectors get their hands on them.


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