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Forgive the title, but this podcast totally is. After what’s been a wild month for me, I was finally able to settle down and have a nice, normal session with the man they call the FNM Hero, Jonathon Medina. Since’s it’s the first time the show’s having him on, it’ll naturally be Medina-centric as he explains how his story gets their shipping paid and gives us some tips on the trade edict.

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00:00 to 10:08: Introductions:

Recorded on: April 2, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

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10:31 to 32:24: Legit Mtg: Just because we’re a sponsor/advertisement free show doesn’t mean I don’t like to plug the stuff I like! Medina owns/runs his own card order website. I’d like to ask him various things about it (just HOW does he afford that “Free Legit Shipping”?), as well as running a magic website in general.  

33:03 to 55:41: Trading Up the Ladder: One of Medina’s best works (outside of being a member of the Eh Team) was when he ran a column known as “FNM Hero”. One of its primary features was Medina teaching his audience the art of trading to get what you need and grinding the tables. I’m not much a “grindy trader guy”, but there’re definitely some lessons to take away here even if all you’re interested in doing is building a fun CMDR deck.
59:10 to 1:14:52: – COMMANDER SMACK-DOWN: [15 minutes] Zur, the Enchanter Vs. Bruna, Light of Alabaster Vs. Uril, the Mist Stalker. Both of these generals do similar things: They suit-up ridiculous enchantments and kill people, sometimes in one-shot. But who’s got the sharper edge in game play? Which one of these generals is truly the top enchanter? FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!

1) Who’s got the worse reputation?

2) Who’s easier to break and/or build around?

3) Who’s easier to deal with?

4) Who wins in a head-to-head match up?

1:15:19 to 1:26:03: Legit Secret Tech [10 minutes] New guest, means new secret tech! We’re asking Medina to share with us a common, uncommon, and a rare that he enjoys playing with but doesn’t see a lot of people using.

Common: Vedalken Ethermage

Uncommon: Vampire Hexmage

Rare: Flickerform
1:26:13 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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