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By William aka BlueRam

Thanks for all of the support, guys! It seems like everyone took the first episode pretty well, and that’s super encouraging! I’ll admit that the next two episodes are locked in, so I won’t be able to get any of your feedback worked into my presentation until episode four, but until then I think you’ll like what we’ve got to share.


This week, I decided to recruit some vets in the podcasting business from our affiliate at Off Color Cast in the form of Calvin, Cassidy, and Christian, Luis, NO ONE ELSE. The junk will fly and babies will cry when these mad men get together to talk about a children’s card game, so ask yourself one thing: Is your body ready for this?

As always, shownotes, links, and download link are below.


00:00 to 03:50: Introductions: If you don’t know who we are, consider yourselves lucky. If you do, then you’re in for an extra helping of off-topic nonsense. Enjoy!

Recorded on: Jan 16, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


04:17 to 19:02: Free For All Roundtable: Fun vs. Interesting vs. Innovative


People often complain that the new cards that WoTC makes “aren’t interesting” or “aren’t fun” and “are completely boring”. I think those people are full of it, and are complaining about cards that weren’t made for them. Agree or disagree, we’re going to have a knife fight over this for sure.
20:10 to 38:36: Optimal Commanders


Whenever I start talking about deck ideas with my friend, he’s always telling me that if I want to do that I “use general X” instead of the one I was talking about. Is there such a thing as an “optimal commander” when you’re playing a specific build, or is your choice in general less influential than you think?

39:06 to 57:53: Lure and Destroy


There are plenty of ways to win & one of the less discussed ones are the Lure & Destroy. This is where you use a tactics to draw another player into a trap you have setup. Drop their guard, attacking at the wrong time, & other things if interest.

58:21 to 1:19:36: EDH Freshman Tribes


We all know who the Upper Classmen are.. ( Elves, Goblins, & Wizards) but what new tribes are making a mark on the game? Werewolves? Illusions? Even Humans, with the Innstrad block, are making some waves. What tribes are getting enough of a foothold so they can stop being the low hanging fruit & become the next big theme deck?

1:20:06 to 1:45:14: Retro Cycle Review: Guildmages


What’s this? Two reviews in a row? That’s right! I didn’t want to head into Gatecrash season without doing anything Return to Ravnica related, so we’re doing another review on a the guildmages of old. How do they stack up in our eyes, and which ones have made a true impact on the format?


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