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Hello folks! I hope you’re all hungry, because this episode is HUGE!


My guys, David Lee (aka the grand celestial arcduke of pimpology and lord of ALL the arts) and Karston of TopandGo Productions are joining me as we attempt something never done before on this podcast: a Retro Set Review of the Tempest set!


Sure, we’ve got some speculation on the new From the Vault: Twenty, and some tips on counterspells, but seriously, THIS IS ALMOST ALL SET REVIEW.

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00:00 to 07:19: Introductions:

Recorded on: Feb. 21 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


07:50 to 22:11: Free For All Roundtable – From The Vault 20 was JUST announced. We’re going to speculate on what it could have, what it means for Commander, and complain about how we’ll never buy anything again if it doesn’t have Force of Will.

22:39 to 46:09: Counter-Fu – From follower MISTAH LEONG, we’re going to discuss some general tips on using counterspells to stop things from happening, when to pass priority and let someone else try to stop it, and just let things fall through to begin with.
47:17 to 2:31:05: Retro Set Review: TEMPEST – We’re reviewing Maro’s first ever lead design! There’s tons of goodies in here, so we’re going to be talking about the mechanics (Shadow and Buyback), the sweet tech in all of the colors, the legends, and just some overall evaluation on the set as a whole.

*NOTE: Waaaay too  many cards for me to individual tag them all. Try

Mechanics: Shadow, Buyback

Notable cards:

White: Auratog, Humility, Field of Souls, Hanna’s Custody, Invulnerability, Marble Titan, Safeguard, Winds of Rath,

Blue: Capsize, Ertai’s Meddling, Intuition, Mana Severance, Precognition, Propaganda, Shadow Rift, Time Warp, Whispers of the Muse,

Black: Corpse Dance, Coffin Queen, Dauthi Embrace, Death Pits of Rath, Disturbed Burial, Living Death, Reanimate

Green: Aluren (just for flavor text), Earthcraft, Harrow, Mirri’s Guile, Nature’s Revolt, Overrun, Recycle, Respite, Root Maze, Seeker of Skybreak, Skyshroud Elf, Skyshroud Ranger, Verdant Force,

Red: Apocalypse, Furnace of Rath, Goblin Bombardment, Hand to Hand, No Quarter, Shocker, Tahngarth’s Rage,

Artifacts: Altar of Dementia, Medallion cycle (makes spells of a color 1 less to cast), Cold Storage, Lotus Petal, Echo Chamber, Grind stone, Helm of Possession, Magnetic Web (For Ruhan Battledome), Phyrexian Splicer, Scroll Rack, Static Orb,

Land: Ancient Tomb, Slow lands (tap for allied mana but doesn’t untap during next turn), Tapped painlands (ETB tapped, painland for enemy colors), Reflecting Pool, Wasteland

Multicolor: Spontaneous Combustion

Cycles: Hoser cycles,  Licid cycle (creatures that become enchantments),

LEGENDARIES: (Commander Greven il-Vec), (Eladamri, Lord of Leaves), (Orim, Samite Healer), (Selenia, Dark Angel), (Starke of Rath), and (Vhati il-Dal)

Other notes: SLIVERS!!!, Tons of great Squee quotes, Maro’s first lead design

2:31:31 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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