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Cyber Space…the final frontier. These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Commandercast. They’re ongoing mission: to seek out new games and to boldly go where no scrub has gone before!


Starring: William as Capt. Jean Sparrow Ahab, Christian as Counselor Troi, and special guest star: Tom of MTGradio!


This week, we’re exploring the wide frontier of Magic The Gathering: Online! Yes, I know there are lots of people upset that Cockatrice is down (unless you know where their back-up servers are), but that doesn’t mean that Wizards is a horrible company out to crush all of the so-called “competition”.


…..or, at least everyone outside of Hasbro’s legal department.

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00:00 to 06:38: Introductions:

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Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


07:05 to 19:18: Getting into MGTO – First things first, we gotta kill the ignorance! While many people don’t want to pay for their cards a second time (particularly since these cards are totally not real); or fear the hyper-competition of the online community, or just want to enjoy a card game WITHOUT sever lag, we put those fears to rest as Tom walks us through the FAQ of MTGO. YARLY.
19:46 to 45:36: The Ten Ticket Challenge – I’m going to pretty much quote Tom on what we got here:
“So you inquired into what the ten ticket challenge is so here’s the low down. It’s a deckbuilding challenge with two Simple rules

1) all cards in your deck, not including the general and basic lands, must come to a total less than or equal to 10 tickets (1 ticket~1 dollar)

2) the price of a card in your deck is always the lowest price. Promo Sheoldred is ~.5 tics while real NPH Sheoldred is around 1.5t tics. Even If you play with a Foil NPH Sheoldred it’s only .5 tics in the deck.”

We’re going to discuss this challenge, how feasible it is, and why it’s not just called the $10 challenge

46:10 to 1:04:08: Avoiding the Hate – When you’re playing in the real, it’s a lot easier to talk your way out of being the primary target at the table. But when you’re playing with a bunch of anons, it’s a lot harder to convince everyone that you’re not the bad guy (even if you really are). Just how does MTGO affect the game when you’re the number one threat and how do we play around it?


1:04:42 to 1:24:25 Online Deck Building – Because your resources can be reused for any new deck you make, MTGO makes efficient deck building possible for every deck you have. But is that really such a good idea? We talk about using a lot of the “staples” and whether or not it’s better to go with lesser options.
1:24:57 to 1:37:59: Tom’s Secret Tech – Sometimes having a new guest on doesn’t mean much. But this time, it means getting some new secret tech from them! Tom’s going to share with us some cards that are on the low-key that have served him pretty well in the form of a common, uncommon, and rare.

Common: Rootborn Defenses, Rolling Thunder

Uncommon: Blood Artists, Renegade Warrior

Rare: Seize the Day, Iron Maiden

1:38:15 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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