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 This week was quite tiring. Between tuning up my decks for GP Pittsburgh, learning rules for my new judge-trainingness, and editing the show, AND trying to get a special guest on for an episode down the line, I’ve been pretty dog gone tired. But everything’s okay!


Even if we spontaneously lose an arm, we’ll still working hard to bring you your weekly community, strategy, and technology!


This week sees the return of Calvin aka Captain Redzone, whom I love very much (no homo). We also get to hear from Robert, Elder Mastery writer, and fellow Power Rangers fan (I always approve of fellow ranger fans).

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00:00 to 06:47: Introductions:

Recorded on: March 13, 2013

Favorite Commanders:

Link to the Season 9 Contest
Link to our ‘Help Wanted’ post


07:07 to 19:23: Free for all roundtable – This week, we’re looking at the just announced “You Make The Card” that Wizards is hosting on their site. What do we want to see, what do we predict, and how well will this go down? We don’t know, but by the time this comes out we’re hoping that squirrels still have a chance!
19:15 to 38:53: Color Dilemma – RW getting screwed over by Wizards? What a laughable notion! A reader sent in an email asking if red and white would ever get the technology to catch up to Blue, Green, and Black. We’re going to discuss if such a thing really is a worry or not.

39:24 to 58:39: Know When to Hold Them – The mantra has usually been “hold onto your pieces until you actually need them”. The new Sylvan Primordial card that’s running around has actually changed that up a bit though. But even with that aside, is it worth making yourself a bit of a target if you can protect other cards (like you lands) from removal or to draw out some removal? We discuss.
59:10 to 1:31:22: Guild Mage Review – We’ve done Ravnica, now we do gatecrash! We’re talking a look at the original guildmages as represented by the Boros, Simic, Orzhov, Dimir, and Gruul Guildmages!

1:32:03 to 1:47:01: War Horses: [10 minutes] This section is tried and true, we’re going to discuss cards that have always been there for us, We’re never disappointed to see them, and they always mean good things when we pull them.

Robert: Caribou Range

Calvin: Cyclops Gladiator

William: Cloudshift
1:47:17 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!


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