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Hello everyone and welcome to Commandercast, Season 13 Episode 7! We’re your weekly source for Community, Strategy, and Technology, hosted on and our homesite:!


We’re recording this on May 26’th 2014


Today William is joined by Bennie Smith from and after a long absents the ol’ thunder himself, Calvin! Today we discuss the idea of having too  many decks, what Commander we would pick to play with for the rest of our lives if we could only use one, and we put two Commanders into the ring for a good ol’ Commander Smackdown!! Show notes  below and click the Ib to download and listen!!





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May 26’th 2014



Bennie Smith – Complete Commander author

Favorite Commander This Week:


Bennie: Vorel of the Hull Clade



Conspiracy spoilers!

Community: One Last Draw


We talk about having a lot of decks, and which of those decks we would play if we had one last game to play before we died.


William: ???


Calvin: Krenko, Mob Boss


Bennie: Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Strategy: Spread out the power


Do you have a group that thinks your decks are too overpowered when your normal group plays at that level and think they’re just fine? Maybe you need more decks!


Technology: Commander Smackdown


Two commanders step in, one steps out! Today we’ve got:


Brimaz, King of Oreskos vs. Rubinia, Soulsinger



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Bennie – Email: starcitygeezer(at) // twitter: (at)blairwitchgreen


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