Posted by ‘BRIONNE’ aka ‘FORK OF DOOM’

In today’s video, I attempt a Dimir deck. I’ve played some blue/black, but I’ve never made the effort to build with a guild in mind. Since there is always so much demand for the newer generals I decided to try my hand at Lazav.

Part of the deck (all the clones) was really obvious. It seemed safe to assume that if someone wanted a legendary Clone as their general that they’d want more. Even crap rare extraordinaire Quicksilver Gargantuan made the cut.

After those cards had been added I wasn’t sure which direction to take. I could have built a mill deck, but I don’t like mill as a win condition. Taking the middle road by adding just enough mill to feed Lazav seemed like a good idea. None of the spells in the deck are just mill, since that isn’t how the deck wins. Cards like Induce Paranoia seemed better than straightforward mill like Increasing Confusion.

Aside from the decision about what kind of mill to play, I decided to build the deck with as many new cards as possible. Over half of the cards that aren’t basic lands in the deck are standard legal. Not every deck I build will be like that, but since Lazav might be one of the first legendary creatures some players have seen, I wanted building a deck around him to be very easy. A lot of cards in the deck are cheap commons and uncommons that many players would give away.

I also wanted to steer away from having Lazav be a blue/black control deck. It’s really easy in that color combination to use removal and countermagic to control the game, then set up for a combo finish with some cheap draw power and tutors. That includes budget decks, since cards like Diabolic Revelation, Blue Sun’s Zenith, and Capsize are all under $1.

That’s probably all the background the deck has to offer. I hope I accomplished my goal of a fun, slightly different than usual take on blue/black. You can find a link to the list here. Enjoy!


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