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Today’s episode of Commanding on a Budget features Karston’s Stonebrow, Krosan Hero deck. It was in a game play on the channel and since then we’ve received a lot of requests to do a deck tech for it.

The deck was one of many different budget decks spawned from a little project within our play group. Each of us decided that we would build a deck that cost no more than $50. Karston decided to go a route he had not tried in Commander before – aggro. You’d think that it would be hard to build a $50 aggro deck that can hold its own in Commander, but that isn’t the case.

Since the deck is built around Stonebrow, it has tons of big, trampling beaters. A quick search for red/green color identity creatures with trample yields quite a list. Obviously the creatures in the deck would have to be easy on the wallet. This opened the door to using a lot of trampling creatures that never get their rightful place in the limelight.

One of the big things that stands out about the deck is that there is very little artifact and enchantment removal in two colors that have numerous cheap common and uncommons that could do the trick. That’s because this deck needs as many big beaters as it can get. There are quite a few creatures that can act as removal, but almost none of them are big enough or have trample. Woodfall Primus would be perfect, but he’s also about $10.

Like I said in the video, this deck is a blast to play. Stonebrow isn’t exactly known for being an awesome general, but when backed by the right cards he’s a nightmare. It’s a good thing for me that Craterhoof Behemoth’s price shot up, because he won a lot of games for Karston when he was a budget card.

This deck could be improved by adding more expensive cards, but this deck is very powerful as is. Because there are so many cheap rares that are powerful in Stonebrow, there isn’t much need to spend a fortune to make the deck good. If I were to personally build this deck with no budget restrictions, it would probably come out to around $200 altogether. That’s quite a chunk of change, but when you think about the price tags other “optimal” decks it doesn’t seem so bad. That being said, the deck would lose a lot of its charm if it were to increase its price tag. There’s a lot of style in beating non-budget decks with a crap rare like Moldgraf Monstrosity.

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