By William Hernandez


Hey there Commandercast faithful! As you’re well aware, it’s spoiler season for Dragons of Tarkir! In fact, if my math is right, it’s only just started this week.


And now, I have the extreme pleasure of bringing you one of these spoilers! We recorded a special preview episode just to show off the latest pride and joy of Commandercast. Give it a listen to find out what it is!




Ib Download





But seriously, this is an incredible accomplishment for me and everyone else here at Commandercast.com.

Some of you might remember the first preview card we had, the Crown of Doom.

CC Preview Crown of Doom


I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. I jammed it into Gahiji as soon as I got my copy, but a combination of playing decks that aren’t Gahiji, and not drawing it when I am, have kept me from really enjoying the experience of having a preview card all of our own.


Let me make this clear though: When I got this preview in my email, there was a LOT of heavy breathing.


Fast forward three months or so and suddenly we have a SECOND preview card from Wizards of the Coast.


If you want to hear our thoughts on our scaly friend, you need go no further than the preview show at the top of the article. But I’m not going to talk about what the card does; rather, I’m going talk about what it means.


To me, this card so much more than just an efficient, white flyer. It’s a true embodiment of what it means to be part of a group. These are groups like your local playgroups, the facebook page you organize on, but especially for us here at Commandercast.


We’ve finally reached a point where we’re getting recognized as content producers, and that doesn’t happen without everyone who’s been helping me run the website for the past two years.


When I took over in January of 2013, most everyone had jumped ship with Andy’s departure. There certainly aren’t any hard feelings behind any of it, but it gave a whole new crop of hopefuls the chance to step in and contribute under the Commandercast Banner.


Since Calvin’s taken over editing, our show has been so much smoother. Nole and Eric both started as article writers, and now they run a podcast all their own. Jud stayed on to help with Facebook, but now he’s also gotten the  #WildlySuccessful Dusters comics going. Matt was making videos before he joined Commandercast, but I was hyped as hell when we started getting them for our website (if you haven’t seen them, you REALLY should).


Aaron and Hayes are both working on the nuts and bolts of the website right now in order to make things smoother and more organized, something we were in desperate need of. That’s in addition to the amazing strategy articles that Aaron’s been coming out with. Mark not only contributes to our Technology column, but he also acts as our head editor now (although I would like us to have a few more writers for him to manage).


We’ve also had people who’ve been around and left for one reason or another (shout outs to you Brian, Robert, Chris, and Jon). Their contributions should never be scoffed at, because their work has helped inspire other people to get involved or start discussions, and I’m grateful for the time they did spend with us.


We’ve all held together these past two years, much like the dragon scales that the Dromoka brood use to snap spears and shatter swords. As more of us come together, those scales become stronger than the sum of their parts.


Two years ago, I was too busy frantically keeping the website from sinking, to dream that this could become a reality. Now that it’s here I can look back and beam with pride at what we’ve managed to accomplish.


Not one, but two preview cards. Maybe more if we keep this up.


I might be the owner and host of the show, but this is a victory for EVERYONE who’s helped us in the past two years.

CC Preview Sunsorch Regent