Here are all the instructions you should need to join in on one of CommanderCast’s call-in episodes. All these are is a bunch of people packed tight into a Skype room lighting up the internet with their collective brainpower through the miracle of modern communications technology in a blitz of shared ideas. These episodes have in the past been some of the most fun experiences I’ve had since starting the program and I doubt the next show will be an exception for any reason, so don’t miss the opportunity.

To get in on the action, the qualifications are almost suspiciously low, but must be met nonetheless.

1) You must speak and understand English. It’s an audio-only format, so this should be a no-brainer. But hey, you never know.

2) You must be age of consent in your country of residence, and over the age of 21 regardless. There’s a lot of reasons for this one but let’s just say I hate kids for the time being.

3) You need reliable high-speed internet, enough to work properly with Skype. Please don’t use wireless connections if you can avoid it, as they have a habit of not working well in a Skype room stuffed with people.

4) You need a recording device, known in some spheres as a ‘microphone’. Unreal!

If you meet these four criteria, then all you need to to is send me an e-mail –CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot(com–and give me your name, Skype ID, and proposed topic of discussion. This episode will have six spots. Slots for the show are given on a basis of ‘reverse seniority’, first-come, first-serve; if you have never been on CommanderCast, you will get a spot if you are one of the first six to apply. If you have been on before, feel free to apply for a spot again, but be advised newer listeners will bump you from the spot. I will be accepting applications until the 30th.

We’ll be recording this live show on July 1st at 7pm EST.

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