Season One: Wrexial Rising

Download S1: Complete in one .zip file!

            1. S1E1: Prequels Incoming

            2. S1E2: Bad Players and Crazy People

            3. S1E3: Guest Host Takeover

            4. S1E4: ME GET MANA

            5. S1E5: Fight Against Fate!

            6. S1E6: The Sky Is NOT Falling

            7. S1E7: Gossip, Sideburns, and Home Invasions

            8. S1E8: A Farewell to Emrakuls

            9. S1E9: Welcoming Our New Overlords

            10. S1E10: Cheap Promotional Crossover?

            11. S1E11: Cromat Has a Facebook Page

            12. S1E12: Notoriously Above Average

            13. S1E13: Season Finale


Season Two: Ib Nation Stands Up! [blood in the water]

Download S2: Complete in one .zip file!

            1. S2E1: Back In The Game

            2. S2E2: We’re So Silly

            3. S2E3: Parallel Adams

            4. S2E4: Make Your Own Rules

            5. S2E5: Knight Fights and Pro Wrestling

            6. S2E6: Ib Halfheart is Top Tier

            7. S2E7: Spicing Things Up

            8. S2E8: Hugs and Hatervision

            9. S2E9: GIANT SHARK

            10. S2E10: Guest Spot Recursion

            11. S2E11: Screaming Muses, Like Monster Trucks

            12. S2E12: The People’s Episode

            13. S2E13: Season Finale

            14. S2E14?: Lost Episode (super secret)


Season Three: Monocolour Madness

Download S3: Complete in one .zip file!

            1. S3E1: The RePodcastening

            2. S3E2: Losing More Than A Game

            3. S3E3: The Man In The Mimeoplasm

            4. S3E4: Hit People With Them

            5. S3E5: Violence of the Sun

            6. S3E6: Evil Deeds

            7. S3E7: Like A Hurricane

            8. S3E8: Liquid Swords

            9. S3E9: Real Talk Redeux

            10. S3E10: Broke-Ass Cast

            11. S3E11: Spawn Trapped

            12. S3E12: Call In-Ferno

            13. S3E13: COMMANDERCAST.COM


Season Four: Tears We Drankin’

Download S4: Complete in one .zip file!

            1. S4E1: Unleash Your Hateful Spirit

            2. S4E2: Sideboarding In Throat Punch

            3. S4E3: Purity of the Race

            4. S4E4: I’m a Sphinx

            5. S4E5: Scoopy McGee and the Salt Truck

            6. S4E6: Blue Braids Will Drink Your Tears

            7. S4E7: Feat. Vincent Price

            8. S4E8: Crossover Month, Part the First

            9. S4E9: Crossover Week II: The Recrossing

            10. S4E0: Crossover Week III: Third Strike

            11. S4E11: Crossover Week IV: Last-Minute Audible

            12. S4E12: Call-Inferno Mk II

            13. S4E13: Quantum Derpage

Season Five: OMG He Is Riding A Turtle
Download S5: complete in one .zip file!
            1. S5E1: Superlegendary
            2. S5E2: ‘Dubstep’ Mckeown
            3. S5E3: Can it All Be So Simple
            4. S5e4: Your Strength is Mine
            5. S5E5: Buzz Killington and the Downers
            6. S5E6: Get Your Cube Insured
            7. S5E7: Q&A&D (The D Is For Discussion)
            8. S5E8: The Derpmandercast Learning Discovery Experience
            9. S5E9: Don’t Wreck Yourself
            10. S5E10: The Power of the Intertron
            11. S5E11: Break ALL the Rules
            12. S5E12: Call-Inferno Mk. 4
            13. S5E?: Derpmandercast Season Finale



Season Seven: 5C Sunburst Is OP
Download S7: complete in one .zip file!


1.  S7E1: Real Names, All Gimmicks

2. S7E2: Macabre Waltz: The Nightmare Maker

3. S7E3: Yambags

4. S7E4: Help My Brother Out

5. S7E5: Shauku’s House

6. S7E6: Number Crunch

7. S7E7: A Delineation of What’s Wrong With The Format

8. S7E8: These Topics Have No Connection

9. S7E9: Dark Ascension Review (and other stuff)

10. S7E10: This One Is For Neil

11. S7E11: [explosion]

12. S7E12: The Duel Episode

13. S7E?: DerpmanderCast II: The Durdles Herp Back

14. S7E13: GUDoug World Podcast Premiere


Season Eight: Centurions Assemble
Download S8: complete in one .zip file!

1. S8E1: Marathon Men

2. S8E2: Honoured Alumni

3. S8E3: Iron Mics

4. S8E4: Who Ruined The Format Now?

5. S8E5: Best In Two Sittings

6. S8E6: Griselbrand Makes Us All Better People

7. S8E7: Throwback

8. S8E8: Centurions

Bonus Content:

  1. Circle of Judgment Season 1
  2. Circle of Judgment Season 2
  3. Circle of Judgment Season 3
  4. CommanderCast Sampler Episode


Season Nine: CommanderCast GX




  1. S9E1: Back, But Not Better

  2. S9E2: This Show is Absolutely Babies

  3. S9E3: The Mystery in the Transitions

  4. S9E4: Thugs, Slugs, and Hugs (The Steals and Feels)

  5. S9E5: Commandercast GX

  6. S9E6: Tempest Back in Time

  7. S9E7: Going Digital

  8. S9E8: Captain of Combatitive Communication




One-Two Punch by Dodo Bird Commander



  1. One Two Punch: Boros
  2. One Two Punch: Dimir
  3. One Two Punch: Orzhov

Commander with a Comedian & Vexing Devil by Eric Bonvie


  1. Commander With a Comedian: The Riddle of TukTuk
  2. Commander With a Comedian: Prossh’s Ten Demandments
  3. Commander With a Comedian: In Which We Disagree with Joan Jett
  4. Commander With a Comedian: What blue decks would a bonvie brew if a bonvie did brew blue?
  5. Commander With a Comedian: How do you spend your recess?
  6. Commander With a Comedian: An EDH Collection: The Shake N’ Bake Style
  7. Commander With a Comedian: A Coward, a God, and a Dragon walk into a bar…
  8. Commander With a Comedian: My Prossh deck!
  9. Commander With a Comedian: Down, but not out.
  10. Commander With a Comedian: If I had my way…

His Vexing Devil Series:

  1. Vexing Devil: Skithiryx, the blight dragon
  2. Vexing Devil: Mass Land Destruction
  3. Vexing Devil: Maelstrom Wanderer
  4. Vexing Devil: Infinite Combos
  5. Vexing Devil: Zur, The Enchanter
  6. Vexing Devil: Group Hug!?
  7. Vexing Devil: Thrun, Sigarda, Uril, Geist, Lazav! For the Hexproof Voltron!
  8. Vexing Devil: Summoning 101
  9. Vexing Devil: Jhoira of the Ghitu
  10. Vexing Devil: Lockout and Stacks
  11. Vexing Devil: Finale
  12. Vexing Devil: So What happens now?
  13. Vexing Devil: The Accidental Finally

Kitchen Table Tactics by Jonathan

  1. Kitchen Table Tactics : Myths of Multiplayer
  2. Kitchen Table Tactics : Horde Magic
  3. Kitchen Table Tactics : Tribute To Apollo
  4. Kitchen Table Tactics : Prescription for Boredom
  5. Kitchen Table Tactics : Minotaur Horde and Season’s end

Unexpected Results by Brian Aka Chaos MTG

  1. Unexpected Results 001 Introductions are in order
  2. Unexpected Results 002 The Three Key Card Types
  3. Unexpected Results 003 Double Feature
  4. Unexpected Results 004 Duel Deck Challenge Pt.1 – ROUND 1: FIGHT!
  5. Unexpected Results 005 The Repenting
  6. Unexpected Results 006 Feed your addiction
  7. Unexpected Results 007 Tiers
  8. Unexpected Results 008 Banlist Blues
  9. Unexpected Results 009 Fresh from the bowels of the internet
  10. Unexpected Results 010 Choose one or more
  11. Unexpected Results 011 Fist full of forests
  12. Unexpected Results 20 – Er I mean 012
  13. Unexpected Results 013 “Good”
  14. Unexpected Results 014 Wanderlust & Making the Cut
  15. Unexpected Results 015 Teysaristocrats
  16. Unexpected Results 016 Cursed
  17. Unexpected Results 017 Teysa, the Preconizing
  18. Unexpected Results 018 New things of DOOM
  19. Unexpected Results 019 Super Shattergang Bros.
  20. Unexpected Results 020 Thanks-Gahijing Special
  21. Unexpected Results 021 
  22. Unexpected Results 022 F**king Cold
  23. Unexpected Results 023 Coping with loss: Replacing your Primordial
  24. Unexpected Results 024 Dereviations
  25. Unexpected Results 025 90 minutes with Brian
  26. Unexpected Results 026 Ten Cards Gatherer thinks you should be playing
  27. Unexpected Results 027 Playstyle and Perspective
  28. Unexpected Results 028 Finals
  29. Unexpected Results 029 Guild Wars
  30. Unexpected Results 030 Guild Wars 2
  31. Unexpected Results 031 I have to put up an article on theme decks…
  32. Unexpected Results 032 The Master of Candles
  33. Unexpected Results 033 M15

Let’s Kill: by Hayes Aka Hayes The Hayes


  1. Let’s Kill: Wort, Boggart Auntie
  2. Let’s Kill: Derevi Stax
  3. Let’s Kill: Azami, Lady of Scrolls
  4. Let’s Kill: Riku of Two Reflections
  5. Let’s Kill: Teysa, Orzhov Scion
  6. Let’s Kill: ANT
  7. Let’s Kill: Ob Nixilis… Unshackled
  8. Let’s Kill: Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero

Staple Remover and Massive Art Attack by Chris B

  1. Staple Remover: The 0$ Deck
  2. Staple Remover: Proxies: A Wasted Opportunity
  3. Staple Remover: Mana Rock is in the house tonight
  4. Staple Remover: Adopt a pet
  5. Staple Remover: Kick that Necro Habit
  6. Staple Remover: Red, White and Blue
  7. Staple Remover: Deck Building Advice From Ernest Hemingway
  8. Staple Remover: The Time Vampire
  9. Staple Remover: The Time Vampire (Part 2)
  10. Staple Remover: Big Blue
  11. Staple Remover: Five Step Program
  12. Staple Remover: Monomania Series: Blue
  13. Staple Remover: Monomania Series: Green
  14. Staple Remover: Melvin Week: Astral Slide
  15. Staple Remover: Monomania Series: Black
  16. Staple Remover: Five Cards From Homelands
  17. Staple Remover: Five Cards From Fallen Empires
  18. Staple Remover: Precon Week: Esper for Men
  19. Staple Remover: Monomania Series: White
  20. Staple Remover: Super Shattergang Bros. 3
  21. Staple Remover: Monomania Series: Red
  22. Staple Remover: Five Cards I invented for the meta
  23. Staple Remover: My Foray into Standard Commander
  24. Staple Remover: Theros Breaths New Life Into Bruna
  25. Staple Remover: Sydri Side Up
  26. Staple Remover: A Farewell to Arms

& His series Massive Art Attack:

  1. Massive Art Attack: Horses of Glass
  2. Massive Art Attack: Nachos Rule
  3. Massive Art Attack: Make War not Love
  4. Massive Art Attack: Like A Boss
  5. Massive Art Attack: Legendary
  6. Massive Art Attack: BROMance
  7. Massive Art Attack: In 3D
  8. Massive Art Attack: Fall of the Empire was no Big Loss
  9. Massive Art Attack: A Few of My Favorite Things
  10. Massive Art Attack: The One Where I try to make card frames interesting
  11. Massive Art Attack: Xela, The Alterist Geek
  12. Massive Art Attack: A Sliver of Pain
  13. Massive Art Attack: Theros Block Storyline Hints
  14. Massive Art Attack: Vorthos Week: Flavored Tokens

(Social) Contract From Below by Nole

90x90 nole

  1. (Social) Contract From Below #1 Fashion Show Commander
  2. (Social) Contract From Below #2 Five cards you probably shouldn’t be playing
  3. (Social) Contract From Below #3 Trying to stop slow play
  4. (Social) Contract From Below #4 A Social Contract Two for One Sale
  5. (Social) Contract From Below #
  6. (Social) Contract From Below #6 Commander Sideboards
  7. (Social) Contract From Below #7 Welcome Wagons
  8. (Social) Contract From Below #8 There can only be one!
  9. (Social) Contract From Below #9 More than just a color
  10. (Social) Contract From Below #10 Wiping the boards with ya’
  11. (Social) Contract From Below #11 Yes, let the hate flow through you
  12. (Social) Contract From Below #12 I have 10 mana on turn 5 and so can you!
  13. (Social) Contract From Below #13 24 things
  14. (Social) Contract From Below #14 The Finishing Touch
  15. (Social) Contract From Below #15 Cooking with Divine Intervention
  16. (Social) Contract From Below #16 The Final Countdown
  17. (Social) Contract From Below #17, 5 more things you shouldn’t be playing
  18. (Social) Contract From Below #18 Another Season in the books
  19. (Social) Contract From Below #19 No, I don’t want a hug!
  20. (Social) Contract From Below #20 Melvin Edition
  21. (Social) Contract From Below #21 Why people don’t play commander
  22. (Social) Contract From Below #22 Teamwork VS Collusion
  23. (Social) Contract From Below #23 The Long Goodbye


The Arcane Laboratory by Carlos

Carlos was the second writer CommanderCast ever had and will always be remembered fondly, even if he’s not dead. Today you can find his writing on QuietSpeculation.com.

  1. Kemba, Kha Regent
  2. Argus Aggro
  3. Tribute to Zhu
  4. Tokens, Tokens Everywhere!
  5. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Green Machine
  6. Winvala, Keeper of Violence
  7. Akuta, Born of Trash
  8. Zo-Zu and Ib
  9. Something’s Fishy…
  11. Most Overrated
  12. Crowd Favourite

The Social Contractor by Andy

Andy’s articles aren’t very good, but he keeps cranking them out anyway. Gotta fill those updates somehow, right?

  1. The $30 Wrexial Challenge
  2. A Rant Disguised As A Poorly-Written Essay
  3. The Worst Thing About Commander
  4. Oops, I Win!
  5. Internet Tryhard League Rules
  6. Commander vs Breakdancing
  7. If I Can Podcast, So Can You
  8. A Message from Andy
  9. Macrocommunication and You
  11. Gimpin’ It Up

Unifying Theory by Justin

Justin wrote two articles and never sent me a profile image or anything. What a lazy bastard.

  1. Deck Focus
  2. Theme Funnel

True Conviction by Matt

Matt doesn’t write for CommanderCast anymore, but he used to, and it was awesome. He also used to be our primary editor. While Matt has since moved on to bigger things (SELLOUT!), his contributions are not to be missed.

  1. Tutor Generals Kicked my Dog
  2. An Open Letter to 5-Colour Deckbuilders
  3. “Let’s Use The Optional Sideboard Rule!” or How To Fail the Voight-Kampff Test
  4. Go Tuck Yourself
  5. The Worst Ban List in Magic

Line in the Sand by Brionne

After a gender-bending incident Brionne ended up writing for CommanderCast focusing on local group issues. Read them, heed them, and watch your group flourish.

  1. The Gift of Deckcrafting
  2. Be An Ambassador
  3. Musing on Gentleman’s Agreements
  4. I Sold My Soul to the Internet
  5. Proxies How-To: Part One
  6. The Sky is Not Falling (Proxies Part II)
  7. Female Commander Players and Commander
  8. Stranger Danger
  9. Landscaping With Azusa
  10. Primeval Titan is Casual, Right?
  11. It’s Not As Difficult Out Here For A Pimp As I Originally Suspected
  12. From The Vault: Commander

Hippo Genocide by Stephen

Stephen was CommanderCast’s first writer and in a lot of ways laid some groundwork for what was to come on this site. He was pretty much pushed out of EDH by the insanity of online play on MTGO, unfortunately.

  1. Where The Hippos Died
  2. If Only They Had Hugged God
  3. No Witty Title

Compulsive Research by Adam

Adam kind of drifted out of reality or something, but before he went, he at least penned an article for CommanderCast.

  1. Mulldrifters, Nekrataals, and Phages

Ancient Wisdom by Fred Cole aka Old Man Fred

Fred focuses on old cards, since he’s old. Interested in some REAL vintage MtG? Forget that format for billionaires. Fred hooks you up with the equivalent of Antiques Roadshow for Commander on the regular.

  1. Because It’s There: Milling in EDH
  2. Creativity Thrives on Restriction
  3. Begging To Be Fed
  4. How to Play Five Colors on the Cheap
  5. My Time is Valuable, Please Don’t Waste It
  6. Ten Cards from Arabian Nights You Should Be Playing in EDH

Accumulated Knowledge by Sean aka SwordsToPlow

Sean’s writing tend towards but are not limited to extremely in-depth card-by-card analysis of individual decks, but the lessons can be applied on a much broader scale that the individual pile of cards.

  1. Master Your Meta
  2. The Good Stuff, Part 1
  3. The Good Stuff, Part 2
  4. The Arcum Engine
  5. The Tooth and Nail Effect
  6. Braids, Drinker of Tears
  7. Mean on a Budget
  8. What Is This I Don’t Even
  9. Budget Inferno
  10. The Drink Step
  11. The Puppet Master

Generally Speaking by Imshan aka Sinis

I know Imshan in real life so it’s kind of hard to write a disconnected blub about him for this. But he really likes Kamigawa stuff. What a weirdo.

  1. Game Changer: Horobi, Death’s Wail
  2. Rune-Tail, First to Flip
  3. Homura, Jedi Knight
  4. Erayo, Clockwater Ascendant
  5. Sasaya, An Ocean of Mana
  6. Old Man Johan
  7. Kuon, Who Devours All
  8. The Five Stages of Grief: Consecrated Sphinx
  9. In Defense of Bad Cards
  10. The Casual Jungle
  11. My General Is Primalcrux
  12. Two Colour Blues
  13. Cabal Coffers, A New Player’s Handbook
  14. A Guide to Aggro in Commander
  15. Orb of Tresserhorn
  16. What’s In A Combo?
  17. The Extortion Effect
  18. I Can’t Feel My Past
  19. Sanguine Bond vs Exquisite Blood Deathmatch
  20. The Archenemy of My Archenemy
  21. (Mis)Adventures In Deck Design
  22. There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity
  23. The Monochrome Solution

Peasant Rebeillion by Max aka Maxwellien2000

Max started out as a designated Pauper Commander writer, but who knows where fate will take his column? It doesn’t really matter because wherever Max goes awesome follows.

  1. Pauper EDH: Your Guide to a Vacation from Commander
  2. Format Staples
  3. Do You Still Need Blue to Win?
  4. Kings of Card Advanatage, Part 1
  5. Kings of Card Advantage, Part 2
  6. Karador Dredge: Keeping It Casual, Part 1
  7. Karador Dredge: Keeping It Casual, Part 2
  8. Commander Side Events: Expectation Management
  9. Deckbuilding 101
  10. Maelstrom Wanderings
  11. Welcome Back, Pauper
Savor That Commander Flavor by William
  1. Pilot
  2. What’s In A General? Part 2
  3. What’s In A General? Part 3
  4. Color Identity Conundrum
  5. Catch Me If You Can
  6. White Tiger Zord Power!
  7. William Smash!!!
  8. Back In The Helvault
  9. Teysa’s Ambitions
  10. Night of the Living Horde
  11. Stood Up At The Big Dance
  12. Student Of The Game
  13. Body and Spirit

Commanding the Fallen/Red In My Ledgers by Gibson

  1. Fields of Yore
  2. Forward the Brood
  3. Escape to Witch Maw
  4. I Spy With My Glinting Eye
  5. Inking the Primrose Path of Dalliance, Pt. 1
  6. Inking the Primrose Path of Dalliance, Pt. 2
  7. So You Want To Play Red
  8. An Evening At The Tipsy Angel

Journey to Nowhere by Jud

  1. GU Doug on Theme Decks
  2. Poached Elves
  3. Let’s Get Funned Up
  4. Next Level Sharpie Alters Part 1
  5. Next Level Sharpie Alters Part 2
  6. Teddy Roosevelt & The Rough Riders
  7. By Jupiter, It’s Gladiators!
  8. 2112 The Song The Deck

Cooking With Oats by Mightily Oats

  1. Come At Me Bro!
  2. Alabaster A La Mode
  3. Fungus Among Us
  4. Bog Troddin’
  5. Deja Fu
  6. Uncle Oats’ Old Fashioned Family Feedbag
Wild Research by Pat

  1. Research Proposal

Crossover Month

  1. The Top Ten Things that Frighten New Commander Players by Bruce aka Windborn Muse
  2. Magical Good Old Times by Dominik
  3. Building You by Jack LaCroix
  4. Rhys to Rith by Thaumaturge
  5. Grimgrin: Grin or Just Grim? by Owen aka Zimagic
  6. Bridging the One On One and Multiplayer Gap by Cassidy aka WriterOfWrong
  7. The Awesome of EDH by Shoe
Other Guest Articles
  1. Gifts Given CommanderCast All-Stars by Cassidy Silver aka WriterOfWrong
  2. Commanding the Fallen: Fields of Yore by Gibson aka KaipaLin
  3. Commanding the Fallen: Forward the Brood by Gibson aka KaipaLin
  4. Karador and the Bat Cave by David aka Kraus911
  5. Meathooks by Ruston aka PANZERBJORN155MM
  6. Commander Aikido: Why Temple Bell Isn’t As Bad As You Think by Alex aka Ban-Ki Moon
  7. Commander Cubes For All! by Nathan aka contentconsumer


Deck Primers by MistVeilPlains

  1. Azami, Lady of Scrolls
  2. Teneb, the Harvester
  3. Wort, Boggart Auntie
  4. Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
  5. Stonebrow, Krosan Hero
  6. Brion Stoutarm
  7. Rasputin Dreamweaver
  8. Arcum Dagsson
  9. Urabrask, the Hidden
  10. Shirei, Shizo’s Caretaker
  11. Zedruu the Greathearted
  12. Mistform Ultimus

CommanderCast Shorts by Andy

  1. Land Destruction Packages
  2. Graveyard Hate
  3. Mass LD–Land Drops!
  4. Card Draw
  5. Wrap Up

Deckbuilder’s Spotlight by Andy

  1. Joz’s Rayne Deck
  2. Adam’s Intet Deck
  3. Carlos’ Child of Alara Deck
  4. Jeremiah’s Slobad Deck
  5. Donovan’s Gaddock Teeg Deck
  6. Omar’s Rasputin Dreamweaver Deck

Byron’s Vlog by Byron

  1.  Give Kokusho Another Chance
  2. The Rising Cost of EDH Foils
  3. Fast Mana
  4. 1-for-1s Aren’t All THAT Bad!
  5. Don’t Worry… EDH Isn’t Going to be Sanctioned
  6. Some Random Hidden Gems
  7. FINALLY A Loophole Is Gone!
  8. A 5th EDH Deck
  9. Cockatrice – A Free MULTIPLAYER MTG Program!
  10. Bullshit Colossus
  11. What Cards Do You Want To See Printed For Commander?
  12. Elesh Norn – Much Better Than You Actually Think


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