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Are you new to CommanderCast? Interested in getting an idea of what the program is all about? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can download the CommanderCast sampler, a compilation episode consisting of segments pulled from various episodes throughout the show’s history. These bits were chosen to reflect what the average episode of CommanderCast is structured like, how our guests fit into the show, and what to expect from our various running segments. If you have never heard an episode of CommanderCast and are unsure where to start then the sampler will give you an idea of whether you should take the plunge or not.

Below you can find not just the podcast, but also our standard comprehensive show notes. These include the time stamps you can skip around to in the podcast if you want to hear particular segments, an explaination of what is being discussed, and a variety of links you might want to follow if you’re interested in the content and what to dig deeper. You will find these notes posted with every episode of CommanderCast.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 02:30: Intro: Meet Andy. Also a brief rundown on what CommanderCast is and why you should bother listening.


02:44 to 15:38: Free-For-All-Roundtable: Fast Mana: In a segment from Season Four Episode Six, Andy is joined by Justin and Neale for a rousing debate on the value of ‘fast mana’ in Commander. They’re referring to extremely powerful mana artifacts in the style of Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, Grim Monolith and the like, and debating whether they add anything of value to the format or are simply broken cards that get a pass because of nostalgia.

The rest of the episode can be found here.

15:45 to 32:11: Doucheology 101: This segment can be found in Season Four Episode Five. With Donovan, Cassidy and Bennie, we examine two types of unpleasant Commander players who can be a toxic influence on your local group. Identification, diagnosis, and potential treatments for all their conditions are spoken on. The two personalities dissected in this segment are:

  1. “The Salt Truck”, whose negative attitude and whiny wordplay threaten to drag the whole game down.
  2. “Scoopy McGee”, the guy who gives up the game frequently and often without reason.

You find find the rest of this episode here.


32:16 to 51:24: Games Start Turn Five: This segment is from Season Three Episode One. Accompanied by CommanderCast regulars Byron, Carlos and Donovan, we go over the notion that many Commander decks do very little before the mid-game phase. The social, strategic, and deckbuilding ramifications of early, effective plays are all discussed in this segment. Should you be playing more low-curve threats? What kind of decks does fast, efficient play work well in? How can you kickstart your group into playing less ‘battlecruiser’ magic? Will that be considered socially acceptable, or will you be considered abrasive?

You can find the rest of this episode here.


51:34 to 1:04:53: Entourage: Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician: One of CommanderCast’s finest hours, this segment is from Season Two Episode Six. In it, myself, Adam, Jeremiah and Carlos recorded our first ‘Entourage’ segment, where we design a skeleton for a less-used Legendary Creature. For the first run of the segment we chose Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician. Listening to this segment, you are hearing the birth of the Ib Nation, now a well-established CommanderCast institution. What started off as a sort of joke segment quickly became serious business, and this deck has been refined to the level where I consider it one of the best mono-red decks in the format. While not all our Entourages work out this well, I don’t think we’ve completely flopped one yet. Below are the card choices suggested by each individual host:

Andy’s Picks:

Adam’s Picks:

Carlos’ Picks:

Jeremiah’s Picks:

You can find the rest of the episode here.


1:05:04 to closing: Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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