Within these hallowed halls, you may find a range of forbidden and forgotten techniques. Gathered from Commander players around the globe throughout the audioscape adventure CommanderCast has undertaken, you can now reap the benefits of our labour. Take this hot fire and run with it.

Also, the alphabetic indexing is simply an exercise of vocabulary and is in no way correlated to our guests, hosts, or general mindset. We mean srs bsns.


A is for Apathetic

Adam’s Picks:

Common: CremateStrider HarnessAether SpellbombWithdrawMire’s Toll

Uncommon: JunktrollerOvinizePredictComplicate

Rare: Heat ShimmerScout’s WarningTsabo’s DecreeElemental Appeal, Void Maw


Adam Styborski’s Picks:

Common: ReclaimEchoing TruthWhitemane Lion

Uncommon: Martyr’s CauseSelesnya GuildmageNecrogenesis

Rare: Hall of GemstoneCitanul HierophantsAltar of Dementia


Alex’s Picks:

Common: Righteous AuraDeath RattleOrim’s Thunder

Uncommon: Amnesia, SlaughterPyrohemiaAether Flash

Rare: Bosium StripYawgmoth’s Agenda


Andrew’s Picks:

Common: Macabre Waltz

Uncommon: Narcissism

Rare: Thalakos Deceiver


Andy’s Picks:

Common: Mystic RemoraSprouting VinesDevout WitnessEnvelop, Primal GrowthHindering Light

Uncommon: Voidmage HusherShatterstorm, EnslaveSuffer the Past, Rix Maadi, Dungeon PalacePain Magnification

Rare: Cauldron of SoulsSpitting ImageCabal ConditioningCity of Shadows, Noetic Scales, Ruination, Hellkite Charger, Steel Hellkite, Nightmare Incursion, Words of Waste, ShimmerTainted Aether


B is for Bromidic

Ben’s Picks:

Common: Urborg Syphon-Mage

Uncommon: Harmonize

Rare: Venser’s Journal


Brandon’s Picks:

Common: Dawnglare Invoker

Uncommon: Phantom Centaur

Rare: Butcher Orgg


Bruce’s Picks:

Common: Dream Fighter

Uncommon: Phyrexian Splicer

Rare: Spoils of Evil


Byron’s Picks:

Common: Dreamscape ArtistFertilidRecoil, RancorTotem-Guide Hartebeest

Uncommon: SaltblastEnslaveWilderness Elemental, Ravenous Trap, PongifyManriki-Gusari

Rare: Omen of FireBrooding SaurianConquering Manticore, Molder SlugSigil of the New Dawn


C is for Clichéd

Carlos’ Picks:

Common: Bubbling MuckCrop RotationAftershockTilling Treefolk, Martyr of Sands, Ichor WellspringZealot Il-vec

Uncommon: Winding CanyonsDiviner’s WandFilthBetrayal of Flesh, MortarpodBlood Artist

Rare: Nim DeathmantleHall of the Bandit Lord, Vesuva, Worm Harvest, Knollspine Dragon, Goblin Marshal, Desertion, MisdirectionHorobi, Death’s Wail


Chris’ Picks:

Common: Armillary Sphere, Sprout Swarm, Whitemane Lion

Uncommon: Return to Dust, Treacherous Urge, Clutch of the Undercity

Rare: Phyrexian Rebirth, Planar Portal, Radiate


D is for Dilatory

Daryll’s Picks:

Common: Wail of the Nim

Uncommon: Invulnerability

Rare: Balthor the Defiled


Devon’s Picks:

Common: Aftershock

Uncommon: Take a hike

Rare: Knollspine Dragon, Hoarding Dragon


Don’s Picks:

Common: Dark Ritual, Befoul, Brainspoil, Grim Discovery

Uncommon: Withering Boon, Shrouded Lore, Fleshwrither

Rare: Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed, Imp’s Mischief, Sudden Spoiling, Phage the Untouchable


Donovan’s Picks:

Common: LignifyFluxIcefallGrim Harvest, SkredPrey Upon

Uncommon: Dryad ArborSun DropletAvarice TotemPalladium Myr, Goblin LoreSylvan Scrying

Rare: Thieves’ AuctionDoubling CubeFirestormHurkyll’s Recall, Shard PhoenixRepay in Kind, DoomsdayArena


G is for Gaudy

Gibson’s Picks:

Common: Goblin War Drums

Uncommon: Batwing Brume

Rare: Tamanoa


J is for Jejune

Jeremiah’s Picks:

Common: Night SoilFaerie TrickeryElvish Skysweeper

Uncommon: Vedalken PlotterSterling GroveGuardian Beast

Rare: Ward of BonesSeht’s TigerRiver Kelpie


Justin’s Picks

Common: CurfewRepelLifespark Spellbomb

Uncommon: DeathgripRonin CliffriderCauldron Dance

Rare: Grinning TotemTariffNight Dealings


L is for Languid

Levi’s Picks:

Common: Relic CrushDetainment SpellEvolution Charm

Uncommon: Lim-Dul’s VaultFatestitcherHoarder’s Greed

Rare: VoidTsabo’s WebRenegade Doppelganger


M is for Mawkish

Muse Vessel Picks (Brandon, Bruce, and Daryll):

Common: Dawnglare InvokerPhantom CentuarButcher Orgg

Uncommon: Wail of the NimInvulnerabilityBalthor the Defiled

Rare: Dream FighterPhyrexian SplicerSpoils of Evil


N is for Nebbish

Neale’s Picks:

Common: Night SoilFurious AssaultObulette, Rishadan Cutpurse

Uncommon: InheritanceDefensive FormationArboria, Rishadan Footpad

Rare:  Earnest FellowshipCelestial ConvergenceDual Nature, Rishadan Brigand, Psychic Surgery, Spellweaver Volute


Nick’s Picks (it rhymes):

Common: Avenging DruidSyphon MindSpreading Seas

Uncommon: NecromancyThornbite StaffConstant Mists

Rare: Quicksilver AmuletBonehoardINFERNO


O is for Obtuse

Owen’s Picks:

Common: Pff, yeah right

Uncommon: Avarice TotemSeedguide AshStonecloaker

Rare: Hallowed BurialPortcullisCloudstone Curio


R is for Reticent

Rick’s Picks (holy shit you guys, it’s another rhyme):

Common: Vanishing

Uncommon: Spin Into Myth

Rare: Equilibrium


S is for Somnolent

Scott’s Picks:

Common: Walking AtlasBojuka BogHalimar Depths

Uncommon: Mother of RunesAzorius GuildmageFilth

Rare: Necrotic OozeDust ElementalHunting Grounds